The Tragedy of 9/11

Today, more than a decade later, the perception of Islam in America continues to be overshadowed by the events of 9/11, as apparent in right-wing rhetoric, the anti-Shariah campaign, and the various obstacles different mosques face.

Many forget that the collective fabric of American lives was jolted that day – which include Muslims who call the United States their home. In fact, Muslims were among those who lost their lives that day, whether as victims or as first responders.

After all these years, we owe it to ourselves to explore what Islam truly says about terrorism, historical examples of coexistence in Muslim lands, how the Muslim American community was affected by 9/11, and ways in which we can positively move forward as a united nation.


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  1. Bill Breon says:

    ISLAM sponsors 95% of all the worlds current terror wars. ISLAM was founded on the sword and continues to cause bloodshed around the world. ISLAM needs a major reformation.

  2. Manoj Sharma says:

    If Islam teaches equality then why no temples or churches in Saudi Arabia? Do they not know Islam?

  3. Az Younas says:

    Actual Bill, your talking nonsense. Al Qaeda and the Taliban were created, funded and supported by Ol' Uncle Sam to kill the Russians. Bin Laden was a CIA agent. ISIS is also a US funded terror group mainly comprised of military contractors from American companies such as Blackwater and Kellog. Islam does not need any reformation whatsoever.

  4. Paul Rudholm says:

    Az Younas Dear brother, I agree with you 100% Islam is perfect, there is no need for change!

  5. Bill Breon says:

    ISLAM beheads, blows up, kills, destroys in the name of your prophet. A prophet who was married to a JEW. A prophet who married a 9 year old girl. A prophet who plundered and robbed for a living.

  6. Bill, I believe you do not have adequate knowledge. Go to a more reliable source to know the facts. Read Quran for a change with a non-violent, non-biased, peaceful mind and you'll see how wrong your are words are.

  7. I am sure the WHITE man here in good old AMERICA has been the cause of more BLOOD to be shed amongst his fellow AMERICANS, like the African-Americans, the Native Americans, (definitely the orchestrator of LYNCHINGS of Black men–completely without RIGHT, and BOMBINGS of Black Churches, particularly the South), than any TERRORIST groups that exist in this world ! He has been one of the first TERRORISTS, KIDNAPPERS (kidnapping Africans and bringing them to America to serve as slaves)RAPISTS (raping the African women he brought to this country) and BULLIES (there is an actual photo that exists of a white man making a black man KISS his shoe !). The character of some WHITE men and the MENTALITY of some of WHITE men needs a major REFORMATION ! He needs to learn to live PEACEABLY around others of other races and cultures. Can't we ALL just get along?

  8. White men own up to slavery and apologize. North Africa was once African what happened?

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