What about verses in the Qur’an that encourage you to kill non-believers wherever you find them?

This is a question that often comes up in critiques of Islam, especially in light of recent political events. It is incumbent on Muslims to respond to and clear misconceptions stemming from Islam’s perceived stance on violence and interfaith relations.

The Importance of Context

The word ‘context’ has two dictionary meanings:

• The parts of a written or […]

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Why does Islam permit polygamy?

1. Definition of Polygamy

Polygamy means a system of marriage wherein one person has more than one spouse. Polygamy can be of two types; one is polygyny wherein a man marries more than one woman, and the other is polyandry, wherein a woman marries more than one man. Islam permits limited polygyny while prohibiting polyandry completely.

2. […]

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Did the Prophet massacre and persecute the Jews in Madina?

Historical accounts of Prophet Muhammed describe in detail his clear and fair dealings with the Jewish tribes in and around the city of Madina.

As soon as the Prophet emigrated to Madina, he established the Constitution of Madina or ‘Sahifa’. It was the first multicultural, multi-religion constitution in the world that gave everyone equal rights, including […]

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Does the Quran contain anti-Semitic verses?

A common misconception about Islam is that it espouses hostility with Jews and Christians. The verse quoted in this regard is:

“O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other.”

In this regard, it is important to note the following:

a. […]

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Why does the Quran refer to Jews and Christians as kufar, or infidels? What kind of respect and tolerance is that?

The translation of the word kafir as infidel is a grave error. The word infidel means someone who does not believe in God. The Qur’an does not allege that Jews and Christians do not believe in God. On the contrary the Qur’an refers to Jews and Christians respectfully as “People of the Book” and says:

“And […]

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Why do Muslims abstain from pork?

The prohibition of pork in Islam is derived from the following verse of the Glorious Qur’an:

“Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Allah.”

Let us examine various aspects of this prohibition:

1. Prohibition in Earlier Scriptures

Islam is a […]

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Why does Islam prohibit the consumption of alcohol?

Alcohol has been the scourge of human society since time immemorial. It continues to cost countless human lives, and causes terrible misery to millions throughout the world. Alcohol is the root cause of several problems facing society. The statistics of soaring crime rates, increasing instances of mental illnesses and millions of broken homes throughout the […]

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Why are Muslims divided into so many rival sects?

1. Disunity Among Muslims

It is a fact that Muslims today, are divided amongst themselves. The tragedy is that such divisions are not rooted in the Islamic sources, but are later accretions to the understanding of Islam.

The Glorious Qur’an says:

“And hold fast, All together, by the rope

Which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided […]

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Why do women in Muslim countries not have the same rights as women in the West, such as rights for education and employment?

Gender issues the world over, including the Muslim world need urgent attention. However, the issues faced by women in the Muslim world are of a vastly different nature as compared to issues faced by women in the West.

Firstly it is important to differentiate between the status of women in Islam and the present status of […]

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Is the ‘Nation of Islam’ a Muslim organization?

The beliefs and tenets of the ‘Nation of Islam’ are contrary to some of the fundamental tenets of Islam. In is therefore incorrect to consider the Nation of Islam a Muslim organization.

The Nation of Islam was formed to address racial inequity and civil rights concerns of African-Americans in the United States. The Nation uses terminology […]

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