Comparative Religion

The present state of humanity should compel every thinking individual to question the direction in which the world is moving.

It is a world of plenitude and scarcity, of obscene extravagance juxtaposed with abject poverty, of human and environmental exploitation, and of the individual’s search for inner peace. Religion plays an important role in filling this void, although too many people overlook the power of faith.

God revealed the religion of Islam to humankind through His final prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him (pbuh), in the 6th century. As Islam began to spread, it broke the forces of darkness which had blanketed the Arabian peninsula and resulted in a period of enlightenment which spread from the borders of China all the way to present-day Spain and Portugal.

Islam means submission to the will of God. When our individual and collective lives are in harmony with nature and with the Will of the One who is the Creator of the Universe, peace is not only achievable, it is inevitable.

The message of Islam was conveyed by all Prophets: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, peace and blessings be on all of them, to name a few. Far from being an exotic religion of the Orient, Islam is a way of life, for over a billion people, in practically every country of this world. From San Francisco and New York, to the far corners of Australia, from the deserts of Arabia and Africa, to the icy landscapes of Alaska, Islam is a vibrant reality, the diversity of whose adherents is as striking as the unity of their conviction in the Glorious Quran as being the last and final revelation from God.

This section strives to take an in-depth look at the similarities and differences between Islam and other religions.


  1. I have a very honest question, I believe that Moses was a prophet of God because I read his message in the jewish bible so is Jesus My question is this : Where are the message of Adam, Noah and Abraham? where can I go to read their messages?

  2. Wilson, it all starts as voice and words. And then writing and grammar slowly arrive allowing the word – as then recalled – being written down. And then other languages grow similarly and have and claim their share in the process and go on in their own light as best as possible. The 3 names you question apparently did not perhaps have the written system – whether current or not – available personally to them ! Hence we have their life and work summarized in writing by different sources as accurately and faithfully as was possible for them to gather. That's what keeps happening, is what I'd say

  3. Thank you Walter, I believe you just assume what you said but I have good reason not to believe your approach. Is one thing to believe what our parents , friends or leaders have told us and another things to believe what the actual facts are . According to Sura 3:7 you are , as a muslim, commanded to believe your scholars and according to islamic sources it seems that Adam, Noah, Abraham and Ismael were given books. Here some examples: Ibn Abbas and Jalalayn in their expository on Sura 2:136 completely disagree with you. look for my next post Walter

  4. Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs: He taught the believers the path of divine Oneness so that the Jews and Christians had an indication of what this divine Oneness means, saying: (Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us) i.e. in Muhammad and the Qur'an (and that which was revealed unto Abraham) i.e. we believe in Abraham and his Scripture, (and Ishmael) and we believe in Ishmael and his Scripture, (and Isaac) and in Isaac and his Scripture, (and Jacob) and in Jacob and his Scripture, (and the tribes) and in the sons of Jacob and their Scriptures, (and that which Moses and Jesus received) i.e. we believe in Moses and the Torah and in Jesus and the Gospel, (and that which the Prophets received) we also believe in all the prophets and their Scriptures (from their Lord. In his expository Ibn Abbas gives us a chain of prophets with their respective revealed books. Then for you to state that they didn't have books is to bypass your scholars whom the Quran admonishes muslims to honor and respect.

  5. Also Jalalayn in his tafsir or commentary on Sura 2:136 agrees with Ibn Abbas and disagrees with you: Say: (this address is to the believers) ‘We believe in God, and in that which has been revealed to us, the Qur’?n, and revealed to Abraham, the ten scrolls, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, his sons, and that which was given to Moses, the Torah, and Jesus, the Gospel, and the prophets, from their Lord, of Books and signs, we make no division between any of them, believing in some and disbelieving in others in the manner of Jews and Christians, and to Him we submit’. Jalalayn is even more specific ,he tells us that the ten scrolls were revealed to Abraham and yet no muslim scholar up to this day can give one shred of evidence of such supposed books given to so called prophets Adam, Abraham , Noah and ismael. Let's look at another muslim scholar Ibn Kathir

  6. Tafsir of Ibn Kathir islam most renowned scholar says: Qatadah said, "Allah commanded the believers to believe in Him and in all His Books and Messengers. '' Also, Sulayman bin Habib said, "We were commanded to believe in the (original) Torah and Injil, but not to implement them.''AS YOU CAN SEE WALTER THE MUSLIMS CLAIM OF GOD SENDING ADAM ,ABRAHAM ETC.. WITH BOOKS AND YET THOSE BOOKS ARE INACCESSIBLE TO US TODAY IS JUST UNFOUNDED.THANKS ,MAY THE LORD JESUS BE GLORIFIED AND EXALTED AND MAY HE CONVICT ALL MUSLIMS INCLUDING YOURSELF TO SEE HIM HANGING ON THE CROSS FOR THEM .

  7. Pari Zad says:

    come on u dont know anything about ur religion how can u talk about others stupids, first prove that ur religion is the true religion then talk about others. by u just saying that islam is true dose'nt make it a true religion, but u have to prove it my friend !

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