By Isma’il Kushkush

DOHA, Qatar — THERE are many players in a protest — the sign makers, the rabble rousers, the logisticians. And then there are the political cartoonists, who sketch the events unfolding on the streets and, if they are like Khalid Albaih, inspire even more tumult.

Lanky, with thick glasses and a nerdy air, Mr. Albaih does not look the part of a rebel.

By day, he works in multimedia for the Qatar Museum Authority here, sitting behind a 27-inch iMac screen with a Superman bobblehead doll on his desk. After hours, though, he becomes a cartoonist with an attitude, one whose online work has inspired discontented youth across the Arab world.

While the Arab Spring has led to considerable instability and uncertainty, Mr. Albaih continues to wield his pen as he surveys the region. [Read more…]