In today’s HuffPost Jummah, I would like to briefly discuss a very timely matter with you. In a few days a very special guest, a guest of God to Muslims will start. Holiest of the holy period in Islamic calendar will start with the start of the month of Rajab, followed by the month of Shaban and the grand finale with the month of Ramadan in eight-weeks time. Many mosques around the world will mark the start of this holy season and invite believers to start preparing themselves for the Islam’s holiest month: Ramadan. As every other important thing in life, Ramadan’s success also significantly depends on our ability to do what we need to do as pre-work before Ramadan.

Ramadan requires serious preparations individually and collectively in order to get the best out of this spiritual feast. How can we proactively prepare ourselves for this holy month of Islam in these coming eight weeks? How can we bring ourselves to be in a state of mind and heart that is ready to receive the very many rich blessings of this sacred time?

God is beyond time and space. God is Semi and Basir as God Almighty tells us in Holy Quran. God is all hearing and seeing in all times. God Almighty says in Holy Quran (40:60) “Call me with yourduas¬†and supplications. I will respond to them, I will answer them,” any time and anywhere. However, God also says in the clearest terms, and the prophet of Islam beautifully exemplifies this, that God made this month of Ramadan, this specific time, Holy, and God pays very special attention to what God’s servants do or say in this month. [Read more…]