I’m Muslim, and I hate terrorism

Dean Obeidallah

(CNN) – I’m an American-Muslim and I despise Islamic terrorists. In fact, despise is not even a strong enough word to convey my true feelings about those who kill innocent people in the name of Islam. I hate them with every fiber of my being.

I’m not going to tell you, “Islam is a religion of peace.” Nor will I tell you that Islam is a religion of violence. What I will say is that Islam is a religion that, like Christianity and Judaism, is intended to bring you closer to God. And sadly we have seen people use the name of each of these Abrahamic faiths to wage and justify violence.

The unique problem for Muslims is that our faith is being increasingly defined by the actions of a tiny group of morally bankrupt terrorists. Just to be clear: The people who commit violence in the name of Islam are not Muslims, they are murderers. Their true religion is hatred and inhumanity. [Read more...]

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  1. i have muslim pigs as neighbors ….. they are VIOLENT AND DISRESPECTFUL of their neighbors and the community in which they choose to live. THEY LIKE ISIS want to CONTROL!!

    i was recently eating at McDonalds in walt disney world / florida …. and muslims pigs and their MISBEHAVED children TRASHED the dinning room, were DISCOURTEOUS to other white AND black paying guests and were walking all over the dining room tables as the muslim whores watched on approvingly. i filmed the incident ….. and was nearly murdered by the muslim pigs. IF YOU DON'T ACT WITH RESPECT … YOU DO NOT GET IT …. AND IN TODAY'S DAY AND AGE …. EXPECT PEOPLE TO VIDEO RECORD YOUR TERRORIST WAYS AND DISRESPECT OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY!!

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