By Imam Khalid Latif

Yesterday afternoon, Priya, Madina and I walked up a small hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay with Anum Ahmed, Tahir Chaudhry, Tamim Katawazi, recent alums of NYU who live in California, and Anum’s brother Ibad. The scene was remarkably serene. The setting sun glistened over the water and the view of the city behind it was breathtaking. Madina, a year and a half old now, was enjoying it most of all as she ran and jumped over and over again. It was a real beautiful moment, until Madina slipped and fell.

Everything seemed to stop as Madina’s cries pierced through our insides. We all ran towards her and as she lifted her head, we saw the blood gushing out excessively. Nothing else seemed to matter as we all ran to help in whatever way we could. Amidst it all, my wife’s face is something that stuck with me the most. Although we all love Madina so much, you could tell Priya felt her pain in a different way. She took Madina close to her and held her til the tears stopped. She made funny noises and changed the tone of her voice knowing that it would get Madina to laugh. She cleaned up the cut, put on the antiseptics and bandaids, and soothed her with a quiet voice to make the burning sensation hurt less. She forwent eating her dinner to hold Madina, who had fallen asleep, in her arms. She then rocked her gently to sleep again once we were back in the hotel and, hours later, woke up and held her some more when she started to cry again around fajr time. The love of a mother is remarkable.  [Read more…]