From Neil Curry and Jenny Soffel, for CNN

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Ten years ago a Kuwaiti graduate from an American business school took a cab ride through London. By the end of the journey he had formed an idea which would spread across the world.

It was the wake of 9/11, and Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa decided to create Islamic superheroes. Islamic religion and culture had become a global talking point and instead of complaining about the representation of his culture, Al-Mutawa decided to re-define it.

“Everytime something terrible happens in the name of my culture, my culture becomes diluted. I wanted to grab the bull by the horns and change it,” Al-Mutawa explained in an interview with CNN.

And so the CEO of Teshkeel Media Group created ‘The 99′ — a comic book series inspired by principles within his faith. [Read more…]