Dr. David Liepert

Do you know the craziest thing about all the efforts some non-Muslims are undertaking to prevent Muslims from bringing Sharia Law here, to North America?

Islamically, there’s actually no such thing as Sharia Law in the first place: it’s a bilingual oxymoron, incorrectly implying that something perfect can be made by men.

But all those efforts, and all the confusion that surrounds them, make us wonder whether we Muslims who live here will eventually have to make what we consider a false choice, between our country and our religion.

The simple truth is, to most Muslims, for everything other than what we consider the “5 pillar items” like our declaration of faith, our charity, our prayers, our pilgrimage and our fasting in Ramadan, rather than a rigidly fixed set of laws, al-Sharia, “the path to the water hole” is a set of principles (principles like equality, justice, and the importance of linking rights to responsibilities and risks to rewards) promoting a set of simple practices (like living humbly, serving God and minding your own business) that Muslims believe are divinely ordained and therefore perfect. And so we also believe that if they were followed perfectly that would give us a perfect world. [Read more…]