Islam in America


Explore the relationship between Islam and America through a Multimedia Interview with Imam Khalid Griggs.

History of Muslims in America.

Of all the faiths practiced in the United States, Islam is the fastest growing, the most questioned and the least understood. Who are the American Muslims? When did they start coming to the US, where did they come from and what are their ethnicities?

Why do Muslim women dress the way they do?

People often ask why it is that Muslim women dress so conservatively, and why is it so important for them to do so in today’s times. Even though history documents that other faiths have had conservative dress codes in the past, they have not all felt the need to preserve them in the 21st century. Why is the conservative Muslim dress code retained in the 21st century, and does it pose barriers for integration in society? [Click here to read why Muslim women veil themselves.]

Does Islam contradict Western Values?

Islam is argued by some to be a strict religion whose rules and regulations clash with 21st century American life. Does the religion poses obstacles for Muslims to be accepted in society and what is the solution to this?

History of Interaction between Muslims and the West.

The events of the last decade have painted a negative image of Islam in the minds of some. What does history teach about how Muslims interacted with people of other faiths before 9/11?

Is there a common ground in values between Islam and the West?

As a result of Media coverage on Muslims across the globe, American Muslims are seen to have views and lifestyles quite different to widely accepted American values. Does Islam clash with the American way of life or are there norms and values that are shared?

Contributions of Muslims to American Society.

What are Muslim contributions to the society in which we live? [Read a report on Obama's Cairo address.]

Common challenges facing Muslims and non-Muslims in the West.

Are the challenges facing the American Muslim community similar or different to the challenges faced by the rest of society?

How does the Quran tell Muslims to treat people of other faiths?


  1. Gary says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I am a new Muslim, after being born and raised as Christian, I led the life of a pagan without belief in Allah.

    The one thing that I do not care for in Islam is the division between Shia and Sunni. This has to stop. I have been studying the differences of both and it seems to me that the Shia are widely misunderstood and villified mainly by the Sunni.

    We are Muslims, not shia or sunni, but ONE. This is the only way that Muslims will make progress in the minds of outsiders, is by unison.


  2. Salam. im a sister from malaysia. instead of converted, Alhamdulillah i would say i’m reverted. born as a muslim never make myself to ponder on this religion. as time goes by, i’ve found the light. may Allah grant you with paradise for your efforts to educate those who deserve to know. JazakAllah.

  3. Jack Bishop says:

    you asshole muslims want to kill anyone who wont convert to your perverted religion… never… islam uses the ignorant to further there quest for world domination… bring it on punks.. Ive got a porkchop with your name on it…

  4. Mikey Velez says:

    What a bunch of CRAP! weep over this ISLAM! The Jewish kind. Has done more for mankind.then the Muslim Kind!

  5. well those were "mature" and "open minded" comments….not, for shame.

  6. Julia Braden-Evans says:

    Islam is the opposite of Christianity. Christ taught love. Islam does not teach love. God is love.

  7. There are so many holes in this statement. You have the entire world and and entire understanding of anything you'd like at your fingertips with the internet. You really believe this?

  8. I suggest a great book about the history of Islam and Muslims in America: Larry Poston's ISLAMIC DA`WAH IN THE WEST (Oxford University Press, 1992, ISBN 0-19-507227-8. It is a classic reference and a must read for any researcher delving into this subject.

  9. Harvard University's Pluralism Project, after more than two decades of research, producing for us its "Islam in America" report which can be viewed Online via this Link:

    It covers more than 700 years, so imagine its depth. I am mentioned in it twice.

  10. For all American muslims, first of all if you had lived like a pagan before islam, the holy bible donot teach that so you should blame your self for your life style and denying the bible instruction not the christianity or the bible and if you want to know what islam really is go to youtube and search for Jesus or Mohammed and you will find the truth and the truth will set you free, May Yahweh bless and guard you from the evil islam and satan doctrine!

  11. Fuck you all Muslims Islam is full of hate against us Americans. You guys are no peace religion Quran is full of evil and hate. You guys practically worship terrorism. Don't bring your fucking religion over. Fuck your religion

  12. Terrorism has no religion everything that is happening in the Arab countries of terrorism and why this is sedition
    And you will be held accountable on a bad day the resurrection of your words do not forget
    God is one
    Islam is the true religion
    Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah :)

  13. No thank you i don't want read or learn about Islam. I rather stick to my religion Christianity and believe on God the farther his son Jesus Christ and the holy spirit. May God bless you Muslims

  14. And may you all Muslim hold accountable for stoning a little girl to death because she liked a little boy from a different religion. Not to mention all the beheading of Christians and burning them alive. You say we believe in one God well your God is not the same as ours we don't yell out Allah before we blow up in a crowded place full of innocent people. My God the father and the holy spirit bless you. Pray to to the son of our father, Jesus Christ to forgive you.

  15. Christopher Ayala So you pray to those three goddess?Tell me what these goddess do, their functions, or just Jesus Christ PBUH only forgive you and NOT the other two. Just like Hindu, many goddess.

  16. Christopher Ayala You are just like Hindus, got many goddess..

  17. Christopher Ayala you are christian thr haters. you introduce the world discrimination among white and black people.

  18. Tayyab Hadi says:

    Christopher Ayala, we also know how to use bad language but since we follow the beautiful Religion of Islam and must follow the Sunnah of Muhammad PBUH, we dont. Control yourself. ur language clearly shows ur personality and puts your faulty religion on display. Stop embarrasing yourself. please research Islam and read our Holy Quran before saying harsh things like this. you know very well that Anti-Islamic groups like America and Israel are trying to make Muslims look like terrorists. THEY ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS NOT MUSLIMS :)

  19. Tayyab Hadi says:

    shut up
    we dont need this yahweh forgiveness
    Christianity is the religion of satans

  20. Tayyab Hadi says:

    Just leave Us Muslims alone and stick to ur Christianity and ur three goddesses. if you can't say something kind, then leave our religious website. Nobody needs ur discusting, unneccessay comments.

  21. @christopher; do u know anything about stoning law? There's a long journey n condittions to punish.. Send me inbox if u really wanna know, but only if u really wanna know the truth.. Otherwisw, useless for me to explain.

  22. @Fiddarrian are you serious! You want tme to know what are the laws for stoning a little girl? Know wonder you guys live in barbaric ages. I pray to god and to Jesus Christ to send you all you Muslims away and back where you guys came from. Leave the US

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