Islamic Perspective on Halloween


  1. marcia says:

    amen! shokran!

  2. Kenny Whetstone says:

    Not entirely true… And FAR from Satanic. Yes there was the Celtic belief that the veil between worlds is thinnest this night, enabling the deceased to communicate. However masks were worn, not to hide themselves as this brother claims. Masks and costumes were worn to scare these spirits and demons BACK into the netherworld. The art and practice of dressing up scary was to PROTECT their communities. I can not see how that could be an evil practice whatsoever? Though many people who fancy themselves as Satanists or Witches DO celebrate this date as their "New Years Eve"…. We all know they are powerless. With Celtic origins and the Christians trying to "Christianize" (Catholicism) it by encompassing the practices and creating All Saints Day, this Holiday is actually VERY Christian. If you are truly concerned with darker Holidays and whether they may be Haram or Halal, the one I worry about most is Easter. That one is by far the most pagan of the days Christians have enveloped into their folds.

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