Baghdad: A Historical Overview

By Saulat Pervez

The rich history of Baghdad




When we think of Baghdad today, we imagine a war-torn, ravaged city. However, Baghdad has a rich history which the present should not obscure. From the eighth century to the thirteenth century, Baghdad was a metropolis known for intellectual and material prosperity, showcasing numerous libraries, research institutions, thriving universities, magnificent homes, and flourishing businesses.


A Center of Learning

Famous Scholars






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  1. Rose Ibrahim says:

    It sound a great book! Baghdad has the richest and versatile history in the whole world that nobody can deny ! May Allah send his blessing and peace on the whole country and the area as well. It is like the Phoneix that turns int dust then comes out of that dust in its fully strong and beautiful shape , that is the way it is usually with this cosmopolitian and important city that no empire thought of not invading it and making it part of its realm.

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