Salahuddin Ayyubi (Saladin)

Saladin: Courageous and Brilliant

saladinSalahuddin Ayyubi, popularly known in the West as Saladin, was a courageous and brilliant Muslim leader during the 12th century. His firm foundation in the religion and its prime values, leading to his commitment to the Islamic cause, enabled him to accomplish great things.

His Ayyubid Empire united Egypt and Syria. Above all, he played an instrumental role in turning the tide against the Crusaders by successfully reclaiming Jerusalem and earned a name for himself in the annals of both Muslim and Western history.

Saladin was born in 1137 AD in Tikrit, Iraq, and studied the Quran and theology along with astronomy, mathematics, and law. He joined the military as a young man and was ably trained by his uncle Asad-al-Din Shirkoh, a commander of the Zengid Dynasty. Saladin’s impressive performance in his early battles enabled him to take on leading responsibilities during military campaigns. [Click here to read about Islam's rules of engagement in war.]

His rise from a soldier to the King of Egypt and Syria was the result of both cleverly executed tactics and advantageous circumstances. He held key posts in Egypt, enabling him to consolidate power and overthrow the Fatimids. Syria, at the time, was ruled by the Zengids; when the Zengid ruler unexpectedly died, leaving an underage successor, the road was eventually cleared for Saladin to capture Syria. During his reign, Saladin built many schools, hospitals, and institutions in his quest for intellectual and civic achievements. He was also determined to bring justice, peace, and prosperity to those within his domain.

Saladin reconquered Jerusalem from Crusaders

Salahuddin is best known for repelling the Crusaders and reconquering Jerusalem. He defeated and decimated large numbers of the Crusaders in the decisive Battle of Hattin in July, 1187. On his way to Jerusalem, Saladin conquered almost every Crusader city. After a siege, Jerusalem was handed over to him in October of the same year. Subsequent efforts by the Crusaders to win back Jerusalem were resisted until they finally gave up and retreated homewards.

Although one would expect Saladin to be hated among the Crusader nations, he became one of the most esteemed Muslim figures of the medieval Islamic world because of the generosity he displayed towards the Christians despite the brutality Muslims had endured at the hands of the Crusaders. When the Christians had overtaken Jerusalem during the very first Crusade, they carried out mass atrocities and killings, creating a bloodbath in which the Muslim residents were the most prominent targets, as graphically documented in the PBS series Islam: Empire of Faith. In the words of the chronicler of Crusades, Raymond of Agiles, the massacre was so extensive that the Crusaders “rode in blood up to their knees and bridle reins.”

When Saladin retook Jerusalem, the Christians waited for a similar onslaught. However, Salahuddin not only spared the Christians but treated them honorably, allowing those who wished to leave to do so in peace, and for those who wished to stay to do so in harmony. Truly, he was a living example of the tolerant, progressive, and inclusive faith which was so dear to his heart. By showing restraint and peaceful treatment, Salahuddin was upholding the central tenets of Islam such as freedom of religion and protection of non-Muslims. [Read more: Medina Charter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Pluralism]

The chivalry of Saladin

Moreover, his chivalrous conduct toward King Richard I, and the mutual respect which ensued despite their warring roles, won him further accolades in quarters that could not bring themselves to despise him. “When Richard falls sick at the siege of Acre in 1192, Saladin not only sends his personal physician Maimonides over to treat him, he sends ice to help him fight the fevers and certain healing fruits. When Richard’s horse is killed during battle, and the English king finds himself on foot facing the entire Muslim army, the Muslims let him walk by their entire phalanx without attacking. Later, Saladin sends him two fresh mounts so he will not be at a disadvantage,” wrote Michael Hamilton Morgan in Lost History.

According to the French historian, Rene Grousset, “It is equally true that [Saladin’s] generosity, his piety, devoid of fanaticism, that flower of liberality and courtesy, which had been the model of our old chroniclers, won him no less popularity in Frankish Syria than in the lands of Islam.”

Salahuddin Ayyubi died in 1193 AD at the age of 56. Although he was at the helm of a vast empire stretching from Egypt to Syria, he himself owned very little. At the time of his death, his property and assets included a horse and money which was not sufficient even to bury him. He had devoted his entire life to the service of Islam and his subjects, avoiding the pomp and splendor which often distract rulers. Indeed, he was the epitome of a true hero and a devoted Muslim.


  1. Phillip Miller says:

    Salahuddin Ayyubi was a great Islamic heroi.

  2. My Favourite Leader..Muslims need People like Saladin!! Saladin War Quotes Are Very heart Touching

  3. Ali Ahmad says:


  4. Moenkar Abrahams says:

    After Nabi SAW his is a beatiful example of what we as Muslims should be and gone are the days when kings fought their own battles and still be humble after victory! Peace be upon all humans and life in this beautiful life given to us.WSLM.

  5. Azhar Ki says:

    my eternal impetus the name salahudheen ayyubi.

  6. Anonymous says:

    its a shame you forget to mention he is Kurdish, its a biography isn't it?

  7. CQani Cwil says:

    Don't remember what Omar Ibn Khattab said sister "we are a nation whom allah has honored with islam".

    Salahuddin Ayyubi's honored because of Islam.

  8. Zmarai Jahya says:

    Lewis Scott Jr. whatch a movie called the kindom of heaven

  9. Ahmad Murad says:

    Islam says that we are 1 Ummah and that race should not define us, Im not palestinean im muslim and proud

  10. Zubair Sofi says:

    May Allah creat some one like Sallahuddin Ayyubi in our Kashmir

  11. There is a need for the muslims to understand the need today for a leader such as Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi(ra). Muslims and the world must understand and accept that the Arab Spring's message is that there is no development, nor education in the Arab World, and the leaders are gatekeepers who are in place to protect Israel, at all costs, from a reestablishment of any type of self-determination, independence or development from the Sunni Muslims who are the inheritors of Salahuddin Ayoubi. The legacy left by Salahuddin and his successors angered and frustrated the colonialist conspiracy to rule the world for nearly 1000 years. For the past 100 years the international Conspiracy to Kill Sunni Islam in the Middle East and North Africa has once again raised its ugly head and is in motion with a renewed vigor and purpose. The Muslims are all under control both those living in the Arab World who are being ruled by the stick across their backs and those living in the West are being ruled by the sugar tit where they suck on the sweetness of freedom, justice and opportunity that doesn't exist in the old country. The reverts to Islam have extreme difficulty developing an Islamic personality in the west without educated teachers. For proof look at Syria 98% sunni muslims ruled by a small minority of Alewites; Egypt 98% sunni muslims ruled by a military coup that topled the duly elected sunni president; Lebanon ruled Salahuddin Ayoubi to wake up and organize the muslims to repel these attacks and defeat our sworn enemy.

  12. Brwa Rauf says:

    and also he was from a kurdish family, for your information. :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    There are people who keep on saying oh he's Kurdish why didn't you mention that. The boundaries are what have destroyed us! We are Muslims, not arab, not Kurdish, not Paki, we are an Ummah! United we are strong, divided we fall. Congratulations if you're from Kurdistan, but FYI he didn't fight for the development of a Kurdish nation, he fought for Islam! We need leaders like that today. Leaders, and people too.

  14. Alan Saied says:

    if salahuddin was alive today he would've regret what he did for islam and he will be ashamed of all muslims and arabs in particular.

  15. Hozan Ksy says:

    Salahaddin ayyubi is kurdish, wether you like it or NOT. You people are just jealous. If someone ask you where are you from? What would you say? I am from muslim or forexample i am from pakistan? He is kurdish like mohammed was an arab.

  16. Hozan Ksy says:

    Salahaddin ayyubi was kurdish, wether you like it or NOT. You people are just jealous. If someone ask you where are you from? What would you say? I am from muslim or forexample i am from pakistan? He is kurdish like mohammed was an arab

  17. Well he did all he could and I am sure he wouldn't be ashamed for a second if he saw the world today because of what he did was his fault. All he did was help the people again the people who were trying to take over and lost.

  18. Young Ybs says:

    One of my favorite ppl

  19. You mention everything in deep detail but you could not say that he was Kurdish !!
    If he was Arab or from some Arabic country you mention his country

  20. Sehli Goumri says:

    we are all muslims get it into your head or better your hearts

  21. Ayaz Awan says:

    Hee was a true muslim if he would have alived today there wouldnt b any Jewish r chiristian state on tha face of earth cuz he would hav spread islam by tha power of his wisdom n bravery n piousness n generosity. .

  22. The most important thing is that he was muslim…Islam has no concept of nationalism @kaiwanMuhammad

  23. Dildar Salan says:

    yes he used the way of colonyalizm division of this area he mentioed the city and the country this is why I hate this kind of writtings we as kurdish paing till now what this great leader did for islam and muslims, yes my brother he was Kurdish muslim and he was till now one of most our idintites in the history.

  24. Dildar Salan says:

    Sehli Goumri hey you do have any problem, stay a way muslim or not he was kurdish do you understand ?

  25. Dildar Salan says:

    great answer , indeed he was, a Kurdish Muslim

  26. Dildar Salan says:

    yes sister he was, god save all muslim nations, all of us now one nation one ummah we are muslim al hamdu lillah

  27. Azhar Butt says:

    Yeh because everything YOU say is true and right… Your a muppet for saying UMMA is that word, here just for you i will say it Again and again My Muslim Umma my brothers are my Umma, my brothers that stand side by side are my Umma. What are you a SHIA rat or something. Idiot pathetic person…

  28. Azhar Butt says:

    Dont worry brother Salman you my brother as you are part of my UMMAH. Idiots like him dont really understand there own religion, or the purpose of the sacrafices.

  29. Saladin got his ass kicked by Richard the Lion Heart and his forces were near to mutiny when Richard decided taking Jarusalem was a waste of time.

  30. Richard the Lion Heart got fucked in the ass by Saladin.

  31. who cares? all i care about is that he was muslim.

  32. Wani Suhail says:

    @ Anngelo —-Correct your history account Lol.

  33. Wani Suhail says:

    @ Hozan —- So what ——
    At all ends – -he was a muslim and he proved it. Dont tell he was Shia –My reply will be he is still Muslim —-Ohhhhhh – dont tell he was Suni —-still he was Muslim and my dearest brother in faith.

  34. Wani Suhail says:

    @ Hozan — Who care ——-he was Muslim and Muslim Muslim are brothers. Kurds Kashmiries Pakistani Plastanin Arabs Muslims are brothers by faith.

  35. Wani Suhail Where do you people get your history? Propaganda websites? lol

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