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  • Does Islam Teach Hatred and Violence?

Does Islam Teach Hatred and Violence?

Islam is often painted as being a religion of hatred and unrestricted violence. Donald Trump […]

  • Nabra Hassanen

Nabra Was Chosen

by Habeeba Husain

Our hearts are heavy in these last days of Ramadan. The Muslim community […]

  • Turning the Other Cheek or An Eye for an Eye?

Turning the Other Cheek or An Eye for an Eye?

Turning the other cheek is a doctrine in Christianity that refers to not taking revenge […]

  • The Night Prayer Experience

The Night Prayer Experience

by Habeeba Husain

One of my earliest memories of Ramadan is going with my family to […]

  • The Place of Parents

The Place of Parents

by Habeeba Husain

I call my parents Mummy and Baba. They are two people in my […]

  • Ramadan: High-Intensity Spiritual Training

Ramadan: High-Intensity Spiritual Training

Two years ago, I decided to join CrossFit. For those who are unfamiliar CrossFit is […]

  • god and chocolate chip cookie

God or a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

With the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. This is a requirement […]

  • Allah Best Friend

Allah is My Best Friend and Yours

Habeeba Husain

In one of my final weeks teaching at a local Sunday School, a previous […]

  • ramadan-kareem-images-p86ad8

A Real Ramadan

Habeeba Husain

Another Ramadan is upon the Muslims of the world. This is a month many […]

  • Month-of-Quran

Ramadan: A Celebration of the Quran

The month of Ramadan is in which the Qur’an was revealed as a guidance for […]

  • Connecting

Do Not Be Afraid To Read

Habeeba Husain

I used to go to Sunday School when I was little, a childhood experience […]

  • hijab

What is it Like Wearing Hijab

Habeeba Husain

Before delving into this topic, one must understand every Muslim woman will answer the […]