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  • refugee

Are Refugees a Threat? Reflections on a Week with Refugees Radayna Thabata


In a time of exaggerated media headlines and fear mongering, many try to make refugees […]

  • Reflection of Time

Reflection on Time


One of the shortest, yet most powerful chapters in the Qurʾān states By time, verily […]

  • Hajj Reflections- God's Invitation

Hajj Reflections: God’s Invitation

by Habeeba Husain

There are not many words that can accurately describe the feelings a Muslim […]

  • Reflections on Natural Disasters

Reflections on Natural Disasters

I am writing this article from my home in Florida with the wind and rain […]

  • nature of jesus

The Nature of Jesus

For Christians, the word of God became a human being who also has words. The […]

  • The Nature of this World

The Nature of this World

Life is full on ups and downs. The nature of this life is that it […]

  • Not Just Prayer

Not Just Prayer

by Habeeba Husain

I attended a lecture in the month of Ramadan a few years ago, […]

  • The Spiritual Journey of Hajj

The Spiritual Journey of Hajj

Hajj is a physical journey to the city of Mecca, but it is primarily for […]

  • The Journey of Hajj

The Journey of Hajj

by Habeeba Husain

Many people have heard of the Five Pillars of Islam, a simple breakdown […]

  • My Jihad

My Jihad

by Habeeba Husain

When looking up common misconceptions about Islam, “jihad” is most certainly on the […]

  • Studies Show Qurʾān Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Studies Show Qurʾān Reduces Stress and Anxiety

For Muslims, the Qurʾān has always been a means to help reduce stress and anxiety. […]

  • Spiritual-Laziness

Spiritual laziness

Getting caught in the day to day rat race often leaves one feeling spiritually distant […]