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  • Islam and the Environment

Islam and the Environment

Caring for the environment is an important teaching of Islam. The Qurʾān describes mankind as […]

Benefits of Prayer

In his famous book on Provisions of the Hereafter, Ibn Qayyim mentions several benefits of […]

Read in the Name of God

The first word revealed in the Qurʾān was “read” or “recite.” The word iqra carries […]

Giving God a Loan

It might be a natural tendency to think that one loses money when they give […]

A Tree Without a Fruit

The first word revealed in the Qurʾān was “read.” Islam consistently emphasizes and encourages people […]

Parent Child Communication

Islam is a religion for all, young, old, male, female, educated, and the unlettered. The […]

Righty or Lefty? Books on the Day of Judgement

Muslims believe that on the day of resurrection mankind will stand before God waiting for […]

  • Preservation of Prophet Muhammad’s

Preservation of Prophet Muhammad’s Statements

Part 1

How Do We Know the Prophet Really Said It?

How do we know that the […]

  • MakingUSAGreat

Muslims Making America Great, Again and Again

If one’s only source of information are certain news outlets, one may think that Muslims […]

Waiting in Line….for the ultimate end

The famous Companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him, named Umar once said:
“Everyday it […]

Gratitude is a State of Mind

Everyday when we wake up we cannot control what happens to us or what comes […]

When the Baby Girl is Asked…

The Qurʾān paints a powerful scene of the day of judgment when the weakest and […]