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  • rain

This Life is Like Rain

The Qurʾān gives the example of this life as rain and vegetation: And present to […]

  • happy-muslim-family-cartoon

Happy Family

Even though each member of the family is usually busy with work, school, sports and […]

  • a_copy_of_the_quran_by_mustafa_h-d4azi8s

Don’t Worry, He Got You!

And there is no creature on earth except that upon Allah is its provision , […]

  • al-quran-1

Mary in the Qurʾān

In Arab culture it is common to refer to children by their father’s name. For […]

  • shariah-law

Have it Your Way!

“Just do it!” “Have it your way!” “Obey Your Thirst” “America Runs on Dunkin.” […]

  • The-Believer-is-Like-a-Good-Tree

Religious Arrogance?

A sin caused Adam to feel broken and humble which led to his repentance and […]

  • islam

No Doubt!

The introduction to any book provides insight into the psychology of the author and nature […]

  • project-4295-body-10580696_805095889529312_4349251830328340681_o

Intertwined Fate

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “The example of those who respect the limits […]


Feel Empty?

Each person has dire need to worship God alone without associating anything to Him. […]

  • img_6-870x507

Multiple Gods?

I If there had been in them (the heavens and earth) any gods except Allah, […]

  • muslim-women-during-eid-al-adha1

Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

Hijab is often represented in a manner that equates it with oppression. In her book […]

  • hajj1

The First Word

The Qurʾān has over 6000 verses which are made up of more than 77,000 words. […]