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Waiting in Line….for the ultimate end

The famous Companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him, named Umar once said:
“Everyday it […]

Gratitude is a State of Mind

Everyday when we wake up we cannot control what happens to us or what comes […]

When the Baby Girl is Asked…

The Qurʾān paints a powerful scene of the day of judgment when the weakest and […]

Does God Exist? Prove it!

The question of God’s existence is one that is often raised in gatherings, classrooms, television, […]

Meeting the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him

Imagine meeting the Prophet peace be upon him. What would you say? How would you […]

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Speaking Up

American Muslims, like other minority groups, live in a political and social climate that causes […]

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Want to Live Longer?

The actions and choices we make each day impact our future. Kindness, good character, healthy […]

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This Life is Like Rain

The Qurʾān gives the example of this life as rain and vegetation: And present to […]

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Happy Family

Even though each member of the family is usually busy with work, school, sports and […]

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Don’t Worry, He Got You!

And there is no creature on earth except that upon Allah is its provision , […]

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Mary in the Qurʾān

In Arab culture it is common to refer to children by their father’s name. For […]

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Have it Your Way!

“Just do it!” “Have it your way!” “Obey Your Thirst” “America Runs on Dunkin.” […]