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A Real Ramadan

Habeeba Husain

Another Ramadan is upon the Muslims of the world. This is a month many […]

  • Month-of-Quran

Ramadan: A Celebration of the Quran

The month of Ramadan is in which the Qur’an was revealed as a guidance for […]

  • Connecting

Do Not Be Afraid To Read

Habeeba Husain

I used to go to Sunday School when I was little, a childhood experience […]

  • hijab

What is it Like Wearing Hijab

Habeeba Husain

Before delving into this topic, one must understand every Muslim woman will answer the […]

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The Spirituality of Fasting

The Sweet Taste of Hunger: The Spirituality of Fasting

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims […]

  • hope&Fear

Between Hope and Fear

Habeeba Husain

Much of Islam is about balance and moderation, that ever-so-famous middle road. To know […]

  • quran

The Qurʾān’s Challenge

Muslims believe the Qurʾān to be God’s words revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be […]

  • justice In Islam

Justice in Islam

The world is full of injustices. Mass killings, theft, murder, rape, economic injustice and cheating […]

First Impressions: Al-Raḥmān

First impressions are the most important because they are almost impossible to remove or undo. […]

Is Jesus Divine

The Qurʾān makes this clear in the following verse, Christ the son of Mary was […]

  • Iqra-pen

What the Pen Taught Me About Purpose

Marwa Assar

I was once at a Purification of the Heart Retreat where our teacher asked us […]

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Chasing a Mirage

Each day you wake up and strive to achieve a level of happiness. But what […]