Chapter 75: Day of Resurrection

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

I swear by the Day of Resurrection, (1) And I swear by the self-reproaching conscience, (that Resurrection is a reality.) (2)

Does man think that We will never reassemble his bones? (3) Why (can We) not (do so), while We are able to reset (even) his fingertips perfectly? 1 (4) But man wishes to go on violating Allah’s injunctions (even in future) ahead of him. (5) He asks, “When will be this Day of Resurrection?” (6)

So, when the eyes will be dazzled, (7) And the moon will lose its light, (8) And the sun and the moon will be joined together, 2 (9) On that day man will say, “Where to escape?” (10)

Never! There will be no refuge at all. (11) On that day, towards your Lord will be the destination (of everyone.) (12) Man will be informed of what he sent ahead and what he left behind. (13) Rather, man will be a witness against himself, (14) Even though he may offer his excuses. (15)

(O Prophet,) do not move your tongue (during revelation) for (reciting) it (the Quran) to receive it in hurry. 3 (16) It is surely undertaken by Us to store it (in your heart), and to let it be recited (by you after revelation is completed). (17) Therefore, when it is recited by Us (through the angel), follow its recitation (by concentration of your heart). (18) Then, it is undertaken by Us to explain it. (19)

Never, (your denial of Resurrection is never based on any sound reason!) Instead, you love that which is immediate, (20)
And neglect the Hereafter. (21)

Many faces, that day, will be glowing, (22) Looking towards their Lord, (23) And many faces, that day, will be gloomy, (24) Realizing that a back-breaking calamity is going to be afflicted on them. (25)

Never, (you will never remain in this world forever!) When the soul (of a patient) reaches the clavicles, (26) And it is said, “Who is an enchanter (that can save him?)” 4 (27) And he realizes that it is (the time of) departure (from the world,) (28) And one shank is intertwined with the other shank, 5 (29) Then on that day, it is to your Lord that one has to be driven. (30)

So (the denier of the Hereafter) neither believed, nor prayed, (31) But rejected the truth and turned away (from it), (32) Then he went to his home, puffed up with pride. (33) (It will be said to such a man,) Woe to you, then woe to you! (34) Again, woe to you, then woe to you! (35)

Does man presume that he will be left unchecked? (36) Was he not an ejaculated drop of semen? (37) Then he became a clot of blood, then He created (him) and made (him) perfect, (38) And made from him two kinds, male and female. (39)

Has He no power to give life to the dead? (40)


  1. I really appreciate this article for many reasons but let me focus on one of them. I've spoken to many muslims who honestly affirmed that allah never swears in the Quran despite of the massive evidences in the Quran. One muslim website states that allah never swears in the holy quran . Here's the by Abdulah a sunni muslim. Thank God this islamic website makes it clear that allah does swear. But why does allah swear by his creation by so doing associating the creation as his partner and yet according to muslim allah does not commit shirk?

  2. Saeed Alqahtani says:

    He swears. That means he doesn't say worship my creations. God swears to emphasize the importance of the issue that he is commanding us to do.

  3. Ahmad Omar says:

    The swearing does not really mean that Allah is associating himself with something else but in this case the taking of oath defines that the oath of something which Allah takes , indeed that does exist…. The verse was revealed in order to answer those who do not believe in day of resurrection and hence Allah takes the oath of the day of resurrection and affirms that it does exist….. Subsequent verse indeed proves that whom does this oath directed to and what does it prove….. [75:3] Does man think that We will never reassemble his bones? [i.e. never bring him to life after death to take the account of his misdeeds]…………..
    Hence swearing of Allah to day of resurrection is actually not shirk but its a reality and Allah's taking oath on day of resurrection emphasizes of that reality…….

  4. if it is important for Allah to have a partner he would have stated clearly but Allah clearly states that in multiple verses that their is only one God and that he has no partners swearing by Allah is their and found in many places but it doesnt mean he is taking partners. he swears by the dawn that doesnt mean dawn is a partner to God. he also swears by the fig tree,the night etc and to ultimately proof that they are not his partners the prophet(SAW) clearly states that we are not allowed to swear by anything other than the name Allah. lastly the creation he swears on is ussually relevant to the message that follows eg in suratul asr Allah swears by time that mankind is at a loss except those that believe, do righteous deeds, are just in their judgement and patient…..time is relevant here because the topic is about mankind's demise or prosperity and the short time we have to salvage ourselves. Allah knows the best.

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