He is Allah

“He is Allah besides Whom there is no other god, knowing the unseen and the visible. He is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful!  He is Allah, besides Whom there is no other god, the Sovereign, the Holy, (the Source of) Peace, the Secure, the Preserver, the Powerful, the Irresistible, the Grandiose.  Glory be to Allah ahead of anything they may associate (with Him)!  He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Shaper.  His are the Finest Names.  Everything in Heaven and Earth celebrates Him.  He is the Powerful, the Wise.” Quran 59:22-24

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  1. Vallen Friday says:

    As-Salaam Alaikum! EID MUBAREK!
    I am so happy to be in touch with whyislam.org. The quotes and Prophetic Wisdom is a uplift of my day .

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