The Names and Attributes of Allah

concept_of_GodAllah has described Himself in the Quran through His Names and Attributes. Muslims believe that studying these Names and Attributes is one of the most effective ways of strengthening one’s relationship with God. Each Name and Attribute nourishes a kind of consciousness and humility in man and their study leads one to constantly better their actions.

“The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them.” (Quran, 7:180)

Muslims are asked to call upon God during their supplications by the most appropriate names that relate to what they are asking for. For example, if one is seeking forgiveness from God for a sin they have committed, they would call upon Him by His name “Al-Ghaffar,” meaning “The Ever Forgiving.” If one is asking for peace and tranquility in their life while experiencing a period of tension, they would call on God by His name “As-Salaam,” meaning “The Ultimate Source of Peace.”

The table below captures an approximate translation of Allah’s names. We have chosen to provide some commentary on His names relating to Mercy. However, each of the names listed could be the subject of its own article.

God’s Names Relating to Mercy

The primary Names of Allah specifically dealing with Mercy are Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. These two names frequently occur together in the Qur’an. They are both derived from the same root word rahmah which means mercy and also has elements of sympathy, kindness, gentleness, compassion and love intertwined with it. As with all the Names of Allah, these are Names of majesty and perfection. Allah therefore manifests these qualities to the most perfect level with His Creation. Ar-Rahman signifies a flood of mercy that covers us and is endless.

The mercy we see in this world which Allah has put among His Creation is just a hundredth of all His Mercy. Examples of mercy that we see in His creation includes the love a mother has for her child (human and otherwise), the eyes with which we are able to see, the food which we are provided to consume, the generosity and kindness we show to others.

Can we image what life would be like if these things, that we often take for granted, did not exist? When we realize that this is only a small portion of His Mercy, we learn to better appreciate (although we cannot comprehend) the extent of His Mercy. The other 99 parts are for the Day of Judgment and the Hereafter, when God provides shade for the believers, makes their accounting easy, and admits them to Paradise.

God’s Mercy comes before and prevails over His Anger. We take refuge in His Mercy from His Wrath.

“Say: O my servants who have acted extravagantly against their own souls, do not despair of the mercy of Allah; surely Allah forgives the faults altogether; surely He is the Forgiving the Merciful” (Quran, 39:53).

Allah’s name “Al-Ghaffar,” meaning “The Ever Forgiving,” is related to His Mercy. If one is sincere in asking for forgiveness from Allah, there is no sin that it too great for Him to forgive. When asking for forgiveness, a person would ask directly of God and there is no intermediary or religious cleric that would intervene. Islam has the principle that one has a direct relationship with God and one should learn to have dependence, faith and trust in Him for all their affairs. (Learn more: Concept of God in Islam)

People will enter Paradise by the Mercy of God

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said that no man’s good deeds are alone enough to get him admitted into Paradise, but it is only by the Mercy of God that people will enter Paradise. Our deeds are a tool to get close to God to a place where we can be hopeful of His Mercy. (Read more: Life After Death)

Some other Names of Allah that are related to His Mercy (with rough translations) are Al-Karim (the Generous), Al-Halim (the Forbearing), Al-Barr (the Generous), Al-Jawwad (the Bestower of Good), Ar-Rauf (the Kind) and Al-Wahhab (the Bestower).

# Arabic Transliteration Translation (can vary based on context) Quranic Usage
1 Ar-Rahman The All Beneficent, The Most Merciful in Essence, The Compassionate, The Most Gracious Beginning of every chapter except one, and in numerous other places
2 Ar-Rahim The Most Merciful, The Most Merciful in Actions Beginning of every chapter except one, and in numerous other places
3 Al-Malik The King, The Sovereign, The True and Ultimate King 59:23, 20:114
4 Al-Quddus The Most Holy, The Most Pure, The Most Perfect 59:23, 62:1
5 As-Salaam The Peace and Blessing, The Source of Peace and Safety, The Most Perfect 59:23
6 Al-Mu’min The Guarantor, The Self Affirming, The Granter of Security, The Affirmer of Truth 59:23
7 Al-Muhaymin The Guardian, The Preserver, The Overseeing Protector 59:23
8 Al-Aziz The Almighty, The Self Sufficient, The Most Honorable 3:6, 4:158, 9:40, 48:7, 59:23
9 Al-Jabbar The Powerful, The Irresistible, The Compeller, The Most Lofty, The Restorer/Improver of Affairs 59:23
10 Al-Mutakabbir The Tremendous 59:23
11 Al-Khaliq The Creator 6:102, 13:16, 39:62, 40:62, 59:24
12 Al-Bari’ The Rightful 59:24
13 Al-Musawwir The Fashioner of Forms 59:24
14 Al-Ghaffar The Ever Forgiving 20:82, 38:66, 39:5, 40:42, 71:10
15 Al-Qahhar The All Compelling Subduer 13:16, 14:48, 38:65, 39:4, 40:16
16 Al-Wahhab The Bestower 3:8, 38:9, 38:35
17 Ar-Razzaq The Ever Providing 51:58
18 Al-Fattah The Opener, The Victory Giver 34:26
19 Al-Alim The All Knowing, The Omniscient 2:158, 3:92, 4:35, 24:41, 33:40
20 Al-Qabid The Restrainer, The Straightener 2:245
21 Al-Basit The Expander, The Munificent 2:245
22 Al-Khafid The Abaser 95:5
23 Ar-Rafi‘e The Exalter 58:11, 6:83
24 Al-Mu‘ezz The Giver of Honour 3:26
25 Al-Mudhell The Giver of Dishonour 3:26
26 As-Sami‘e The All Hearing 2:127, 2:256, 8:17, 49:1
27 Al-Basir The All Seeing 4:58, 17:1, 42:11, 42:27
28 Al-Hakam The Judge, The Arbitrator 22:69
29 Al-`Adl The Utterly Just 6:115
30 Al-Lateef The Subtly Kind 6:103, 22:63, 31:16, 33:34
31 Al-Khabeer The All Aware 6:18, 17:30, 49:13, 59:18
32 Al-Haleem The Forbearing, The Indulgent 2:235, 17:44, 22:59, 35:41
33 Al-Azeem The Magnificent, The Infinite 2:255, 42:4, 56:96
34 Al-Ghafoor The All Forgiving 2:173, 8:69, 16:110, 41:32
35 Ash-Shakoor The Grateful 35:30, 35:34, 42:23, 64:17
36 Al-Aliyy The Sublimely Exalted 4:34, 31:30, 42:4, 42:51
37 Al-Kabeer The Great 13:9, 22:62, 31:30
38 Al-Hafeez The Preserver 11:57, 34:21, 42:6
39 Al-Muqeet The Nourisher 4:85
40 Al-Hasib The Reckoner 4:6, 4:86, 33:39
41 Al-Jaleel The Majestic 55:27, 39:14, 7:143
42 Al-Karim The Bountiful, The Generous 27:40, 82:6
43 Ar-Raqib The Watchful 4:1, 5:117
44 Al-Mujib The Responsive, The Answerer 11:61
45 Al-Wasse‘e The Vast, The All Encompassing 2:268, 3:73, 5:54
46 Al-Hakeem The Wise 31:27, 46:2, 57:1, 66:2
47 Al-Wadud The Loving, The Kind One 11:90, 85:14
48 Al-Majeed The All Glorious 11:73
49 Al-Ba’ith The Raiser of The Dead 22:7
50 Ash-Shaheed The Witness 4:166, 22:17, 41:53, 48:28
51 Al-Haqq The Truth, The Real 6:62, 22:6, 23:116, 24:25
52 Al-Wakeel The Trustee, The Dependable 3:173, 4:171, 28:28, 73:9
53 Al-Qawee The Strong 22:40, 22:74, 42:19, 57:25
54 Al-Mateen The Firm, The Steadfast 51:58
55 Al-Walee The Protecting Friend, Patron and Helper 4:45, 7:196, 42:28, 45:19
56 Al-Hamid The All Praiseworthy 14:8, 31:12, 31:26, 41:42
57 Al-Muhsi The Accounter, The Numberer of All 72:28, 78:29, 82:10-12
58 Al-Mubdi’ The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of All 10:34, 27:64, 29:19, 85:13
59 Al-Mu‘id The Reinstater Who Brings Back All 10:34, 27:64, 29:19, 85:13
60 Al-Muhyi The Giver of Life 7:158, 15:23, 30:50, 57:2
61 Al-Mumit The Bringer of Death, The Destroyer 3:156, 7:158, 15:23, 57:2
62 Al-Hayy The Ever Living 2:255, 3:2, 25:58, 40:65
63 Al-Qayyum The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All 2:255, 3:2, 20:111
64 Al-Wajid The Perceiver, The Finder, The Unfailing 38:44
65 Al-Majid The Illustrious, The Magnificent 85:15, 11:73,
66 Al-Wahid The One, The Unique, Manifestation of Unity 2:163, 5:73, 9:31, 18:110
67 Al-Ahad The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible 112:1
68 As-Samad The Self Sufficient, The Impregnable,
The Eternally Besought of All, The Everlasting
69 Al-Qadir The All Able 6:65, 36:81, 46:33, 75:40
70 Al-Muqtadir The All Determiner, The Dominant 18:45, 54:42, 54:55
71 Al-Muqaddim The Expediter, He Who Brings Forward 16:61, 17:34,
72 Al-Mu’akhir The Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away 71:4
73 Al-Awwal The First 57:3
74 Al-Akhir The Last 57:3
75 Az-Zahir The Manifest, The All Victorious 57:3
76 Al-Batin The Hidden, The All Encompassing 57:3
77 Al-Waali The Patron 13:11, 22:7
78 Al-Muta’ali The Self Exalted 13:9
79 Al-Barr The Most Kind and Righteous 52:28
80 At-Tawwab The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting 2:128, 4:64, 49:12, 110:3
81 Al-Muntaqim The Avenger 32:22, 43:41, 44:16
82 Al-‘Afuww The Pardoner, The Effacer of Sins 4:99, 4:149, 22:60
83 Ar-Ra’uf The Compassionate, The All Pitying 3:30, 9:117, 57:9, 59:10
84 Malik-al-Mulk The Owner of All Sovereignty 3:26
85 Dhu-al-Jalaliwa-al-Ikram The Lord of Majesty and Generosity 55:27, 55:78
86 Al-Muqsit The Equitable, The Requiter 7:29, 3:18
87 Al-Jami‘e The Gatherer, The Unifier 3:9
88 Al-Ghani The All Rich, The Independent 3:97, 39:7, 47:38, 57:24
89 Al-Mughni The Enricher, The Emancipator 9:28
90 Al-Mani’e The Withholder, The Shielder, the Defender 67:21
91 Ad-Darr The Distressor, The Harmer, The AfflictorThis attribute can only be found in hadith 6:17
92 An-Nafi‘e The Propitious, The Benefactor
93 An-Nur The Light 24:35
94 Al-Hadi The Guide 25:31
95 Al-Badi The Incomparable, The Originator 2:117, 6:101
96 Al-Baqi The Ever Enduring and Immutable 20:73
97 Al-Warith The Heir, The Inheritor of All 15:23
98 Ar-Rashid The Guide, Infallible Teacher and Knower 2:256
99 As-Sabur The Patient, The Timeless.



  1. marcia says:

    what does Allah mean? Is there a translation? many non Muslims say it just means GOD, but as i understand the Arabic word for god is A-ROB. the tetra grammaton which is the name of god written in ancient Hebrew spells it YHWH (the English translation using alphabet) many pronounce this Yahweh but from my studies in pre Islamic time the original way to speak gods name was lost over the centuries, many felt it was too sacred to say. my curiosity is that ALLAH may be the actual way the original writers of the bible pronounced Gods name since the original pronunciation was lost over the years, the prophet Mohammed brought back the correct pronunciation known to mankind again. But my main question is, is Allah the main name of god and if so is there an exact meaning like all the other names and are all the other names Basically his titles and attributes?

  2. Ibrahim Suprapto says:

    I love this (Asmaul Husna) 99 names of Allah. Allah is One. NO other God except Allah.

  3. Ilhan Omar says:


  4. Liam Milk English says:

    AllahuAkbar.. Allah is one

  5. Yeah… No doubt…. there is no substitute of ALLAH… ALLAH is the one and only… ALLAH is the only creator of everything what we see everywhere even out of the world , univers and out of univers… we can never define what ALLAH does…. and how ALLAH does… nothing is impossible for ALLAH….. only ALLAH konw about himself and about everyone…. there is no god but ALLAH and MUHAMMAD [S.A.W.] is the prophet of ALLAH…. ALLAHU AKABR….

  6. Anonymous says:

    There are other Attributes of Allah Almighty mentioned in Quran. I wonder why they are not accounted?

  7. Anonymous says:

    More Attributes of Allah in Quran.

    e.g * Verses 6:18 and 6:61 ?????? ?????????? means "Omnipotent, Supreme"
    * verses 2:108 ??? ???????? ????? ???????and in 4:45 ???????? ????????? ????????? ???????? ????????? ????????? …Here ??????? means Supporter, Protector, Defender, Helper…
    * verses 2:158 and 4:147
    ??????? ??????? ???????? ????????? and here ???????? means Responsive, Appreciative
    verses 13:34 and 40:21
    ?????? means Protector, Preserver, Defensive
    Verse 2:186 and 11:61
    ????????? means close, near
    Verses 2:20, 2:106, 2:109…and several verses
    ???????? means All Powerful, All Capable
    verse 2:203, 3:19, 3:199,5:4, and more..
    ????????? ??????? ?????????? means Allah is "Swift at reckoning

    See the blog or watch the video for more Attributes

  8. Please read the Quran , Abraham, Moses, Jesus were all Prophets of Allah,

  9. Recite these names daily for success protection and sustenance

  10. Pari Zad says:

    ok if they were prophets what prophecy did they bring ? please answer from Quran, i think u have read Quran.

  11. you see how no one replies you with the same rudeness you use here, because Islam is peace, and if ISLAM is no the true religion, then why are muslims being persecuted and labelled as terrorists and extremists and the satanists are seen as the light,the liberators…Islam spoke about human rights and anti-racism 14th century ago….many more…pppllls find time and read about islam

  12. Anonymous says:

    Salim Asumadu 'Islam is peace', no. Islam is submission and worship of the one and only creator of all that exists.

  13. alien , yes but it also means PEACE…do a little research

  14. Abraham was given the prophecy of many nations; Moses was given the prophecy which gave the original Israelite their land; (Muslims read the Torah) Jesus' messages were of peace no matter what "set of Religious practices" any one had and he was given the prophecy that for a thousand years non believers would follow a God which was mis represented (I.E HIM), and they are successive. I am not Muslim and I know this……research it would do you some good and might help you seed out the confusions you have which lead to the hate of peoples beliefs. Find your own and stop questioning others. you are correct these are attributes but if you notice they tie the social order of the many gods who frequented Mecca and were worshiped at the time of Muhammad who said no they are not many they are one (an Angel told him this that makes him the last prophet) and showed the people of his time a monotheistic God who is seen by millions through many faces and will answer to whatever name you give him; even if the majority call him Allah which means all. or at least if it doesn't then my Collage professor right now is wrong…wanna Question her? I will give you her email if its that crucial.

  15. Asser Abaza says:

    Reciting these names and understand it is one of the most effective way of strengthening one's relationship with Allah, for you will never love Allah unless you know him…May Allah guide you to the right path.

  16. Shadi Habaib says:

    Allah is the God of all prophets and all people and all the universe, it is he who sent all prophets with the same massage that therese is no God bu him and that we have to worship him and not associate anything with him. if you read the Torah and the bible you will find the same massage still there even though that these books were edited many times. Allah have many names, 99 we know of, and yes they are names, and there are also attributes. Allah is the greatest name. the prophets Jesus and moses called Allah by his name "Allah" that is mentioned in the Torah, and Jesus called him "Alloha" in Aramic, which is same. i strongly recommend you to read about Islam because these are basic facts and then you will know why so many millions convert to Islam every year .

  17. God (Allaah) – the Creator of you and the Creator of me guides to truth – whomever HE chooses. No Universiy professor knows more than the Creator…

  18. i know nothing about quran, but i think your pretty :D !

  19. Tulip Flower says:

    Read " Quran " & try to get the message from Allah which was sent to our last Prophet Mohammad (saw ) ….and be blessed with Allah's Rahmat (Mercy) if HE wills !!!
    HE is the Creator of the Heaven & the Earth….HE is the only ONE GOD (One ILAH ).. to be WORSHIPED ….DO NOT Associate Partners with Allah ….any one associate partners with Allah , he / she will be put into HELL FIRE ….Allah will forget everything (big/small…as HIS wills ) …but HE will not forget " SHIRK " (associating partners with HIM )……Allah has Promised for A DAY (Day of Judgement ) which is fixed by Allah…No body knows when it's gonna affect us SUDDENLY . And we all are to be RETURNED TO ALLAH !! No body can Escape from the Resurrection !!! So time is there Read QURAN , know ISLAM , know the meaning of the MUSLIM…& COME TO ISLAM COMPLETELY …..Allah commanded us to follow HIS path , Not the Path of SHAITAN . Allah says in Quran….." When evil whisper comes to you ….seek Refuge from Allah " Remember Allah with much Remembrance ….Allah said in QURAN !!! Allah says in Quran…… whoever follows Quran ( Allah's Guidance ) it is for his own benefit ….whoever rejects he accountable for Allah's punishment . Allah writes every thing on a Clear Register Book which is with HIM …"" Follow Islam …& be on the Straight Path …..DO NOT BE ARROGANT LIKE " FIRAUN " ….Allah does not like Arrogancy from HIS SERVANTS !!! Read Quran …one time …two time …three time … will get the FRUITS over there , you don't need to ask People . Allah is your ANSWER . Website : , noble…….I think you will be helped by Allah If HE wills & if your Intention (to get knowledge about Allah,Islam,Muslim & to follow HIS command )….is pure & clear !!!…….May Allah (swt ) Guide us all …Ameen !!!

  20. Sohel Sohel says:

    It sounds like you were with them because you said (Abraham, Moses, Jesus they didn't even knew who Allah was). First of all once you want to take the name of prophets. Please say PEACE BE UPON THEM. Second, if cursing on you or sending you some money/gifts will make you a believer and grateful to your creator ALLAH; I would have done that. But As Allah said I guide whoever I want and I go astray whoever I want; And whoever I want to go astray; he/she can't be saved by whole world and whoever I want to be guided through right path not the whole world together can't destroy him/her. THAT IS WHY ALL THAT I AM WISHING for YOU MAY ALLAH GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE RIGHT PATH.

  21. Sohel Sohel says:

    To Heather Marie Hathaway; You are almost there (meaning you have faith;) Read Quran and other scriptures. There are no questions or a thing exist in this world that Quran does not have answer. Only unchanged and last scripture. Out of few reasons one reason to revelation of Quran is previous scriptures has been changed by human and jinns by the influence of devil. In terms of any religions prophets and messengers ………….ALL OF THEM BROUGHT ONLY ONE MESSAGE "LA ILAHA ILLALLAH" meaning there are no GOD other than ALLAH. And whoever believes that (Oneness of Allah) is call muslim. It is like you can call by anyname jews, christians, atheists, buddhist, hindu but if they BELIEVE ONENESS of ALLAH they are believer. ONENESS OF ALLAH is the keyword. I wish for you may allah show you mercy, the light, make you a true servant of him, grant you heaven, enlighten you through knowledge and wisdom and guide you through straight path. Again you are almost there. Read Quran. Aas salam u aalaikum (Peace be upon you).

  22. Sohel Sohel says:

    To Shahhanshah Ali-Cassim. Aas salam u aalaikum. Try to teach "ONENESS OF ALLAH' No aggression please otherwise people will lose their interest about Islam. Whether they will be blessed or not that is not your or my job. That iS your and my creator Allah's job.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hey sis how do you know that Abraham, Moses, Jesus they didnt even knew who Allah was ?? can u answer me this ?

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