Why are millions going to Makkah?

877-Why-Islam presents a brief talk given by Mubinul Kathrada at an interfaith luncheon hosted by Zubaida Foundation.

Hajj, or the Pilgrimage, is the last among those acts of Worship, which Islam enjoins upon its followers. Like Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving, it mounds their life and prepares them so that they may live in surrender to Allah (God).

The word Hajj means to make a resolve to visit a holy place: Visiting the Ka’ba in Makka is therefore called Hajj.

Why Are Millions Going to Makkah? Click to watch!

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  1. The teachings of the QUR'AN keeps mankind on the straight path to Almighty GOD.The best food for the soul is the HOLY QUR'AN.Follow the teachings of ISLAM and you will forever be happy.Asalaamu alaikum

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