Family Tree of Prophets

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  1. Asifa Halim Shaikh says:

    Jazak Allah khair for sharing with us, this wil help me to know islam much easier way…Jazak Allah Khair Again.

  2. What method was used to come up with this family tree?

  3. Ali Nassiry says:

    This is wrong according to the noble Quran.

  4. Really there is mistake in this Tree because Azar is not the father of Ibrahim AS but his father's brother, his Father is Tarahu. Mensioning Azara in the holy Qur,an as the father of Ibrahim does not mean who gave birth to him.

  5. Kamran Shah says:

    Several brances of this tree has not been shown/ indicated/ refered. However, some serious mistakes are also there. It need to correct and re-organise with the reliable sources i.e. Hadith, Qura'n, bilble etc. I have that one, but I don'nt know to made correction in this site.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Ibrahim Nabi (AS)'s father was Tariq not Azar. 'Ab' in Arabic doesnt mean biological father, it could be uncle, grandfather etc.,

  8. Pari Zad says:

    80% of prophets of yours were not even the prophets or of they were let us know their prophecy from authentic resources.

  9. The fact is, the total numbers of prophets were sent by Allah SWT are approx 124000. In Koran, there are a total of 25 people named as prophets and messengers. All the prophets from Adam to Muhammad [PBUH], had one message "Worship your Lord only".

  10. Rahil Shaikh says:

    when u will see then u come t know what t

  11. The names are not very clear. What are the sources of this tree?
    Jazak Allah khair for so much information.

  12. Haroon Mihtar says:

    This seems very inaccurate, what are the sources for this "tree"

  13. Matt Peterson says:

    Why is ISIS killing people in the name of Islam?

  14. Pls Send the Clear File for read

  15. Princess Tarhata says:

    Oh I thought Yaqub/Jacob only had 12 children. 10 from one wife and 2 from another. Yusuf had another brother with him, I forgot the name. I really had the impression that they had the same mother.

  16. ISIS is not killing in the name of Islam. IIt is a power struggle between two power blocks with the hope of controlling the resources. Mainly this struggle is always financed by the west who will finance both sides of the struggle and make a capital gain from it.

  17. Matt Peterson says:

    Ok then, why are people cutting off people's heads that have nothing to do with the west

  18. Matt Peterson says:

    Still didn't answer my question as to why they are cutting innocent people's heads off. I guess it's just ignorance and a lack of education.

  19. Mag Nav says:

    Matt Peterson i wonder y ppl make these comments , like y isis is killing , y suicidal bombing ,y killing over sectarian differences,and wars and occupations , but we never ask who is behind all these blood shed, who make these weapons to kill humans , who spread these weapons to third world countries ,

  20. Assalam o aleikum…
    its only the family tree of prophets.
    Hazrat yusuf's brothers name was benyamin.
    As Yusuf saw in his dream that 11 stars and moon and sun bends infront of him so his brothers and mother and dad.

  21. its only of the main prophets a description just to show how it reached from Hazrat adam to Hazrat mohammad (S.A.W)

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