Prophet Abraham (pbuh)

Islam, along with Judaism and Christianity, is an Abrahamic faith. In other words, Muslims revere Abraham as a prophet and true follower of God’s religion. In the Quran, the holy book of Islam, God describes Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him (pbuh), as His friend:

Who could be better in religion than those who direct themselves wholly to God, do good, and follow the religion of Abraham, who was true in faith? God took Abraham as a friend. (4:125)

At another point, God says:

Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian. He was upright and devoted to God, never an idolater, and the people who are closest to him are those who truly follow his ways, this Prophet, and [true] believers– God is close to [true] believers. (3:67-68)


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  1. Pari Zad says:

    what prophecy did abraham did or which book he brought to his people dont answer from ur perception answer from authentic resources.

  2. Pari Zad says:

    i think there is no one in Islam to answer my questions.

  3. Asti Toro says:

    I am looking for answer, due to my sons questions to "why were Jews keep hating the Arabs". What started it, when and why? Thank you for anyone who would post an answer for me. Don't answer as Jews hatred or envy, we all knew that, but why, what started it? there must be a cause somewhere.. Jewish got a cruel heart as original feeling? maybe, but I still believe as Jews are also God's created human being, they just cannot hate just out of the blue.. Coz I also believe there must be something for something, La quwwata illa billah .. (no power exept the power of God) so there must be God's permit in anything, even in the hate. I strongly believe there is lots of lessons in it.

    The story of Moses was mentioned 70 thousands times in the qur'an. Why? what was the lesson?

  4. Allah sent 104 books in the earth, Can any body write to me some other books name out of ZABUR,TAURAT, ENJIL & QURAN.and the name of Prophet Who got it accordingly, Which was the first book out of those ? Had Prophet Noah or Ibrahim got any books ? If, It's Name ?

  5. Leoni Boyel says:

    Lol i went onto this site (thats how i saw your comments) and you know how there is a chat link? Someone came on and asked me if they could help me with anything. I asked…Why does Allah have so many names. Ooops, must have asked a hard one, i was put on hold to be never heard from again. lol

  6. Lennie Wong says:

    I though it started with Arabs trying to take the land that was promised to them by God thorugh Moses? I don't think they hate Arabs, as that is a strong word, but may feel angry.

  7. Clint Birch says:

    Study Pari Zad look for yourself…Answer your own questions with study…

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