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The Quran is the holy book which Muslims recite and turn to for guidance in all aspects of their lives. Its verses have remained intact since their original revelation by God in the 7th century. This brochure explains the divine origin of the Quran by elaborating upon its preservation, authenticity and miracles. It also discusses the Quranic message which has universal appeal and is relevant for all times.

The Quran is the last testament in a series of divine revelations from God (Allah in Arabic). It consists of the unaltered and direct words of God, which were revealed through the Angel Gabriel to Muhammadp, the final prophet of Islam, more than 1400 years ago.

Islam is a continuation of the message received by previous prophets, such as Noah, Abraham, David, Moses and Jesus, peace be upon them all. Therefore, the Quran maintains the pure teachings of previous revelations, including the Torah and the Gospel. The Quran describes that all the prophets taught people to believe in the One God, the Creator. The messengers also instructed them to spend their lives with God-consciousness, doing good deeds and avoiding sins. Moreover, they warned their fellow humans of accountability in the afterlife, a subject which the Quran returns to again and again.

Since its revelation, the Quran (also spelled ‘Koran’) has remained preserved in its exact, primary text. While numerous translations of the Quran exist, they are all based on the single, original Arabic script, making the Quran unique from previous scriptures in its pure authenticity.

Quran’s Message

The distinctive approach of the Quran is that its spiritual message includes practical injunctions aimed at the general welfare of individuals, society and the environment in which we live.

The Quran’s message is eternal and universal, transcending our differences in race, color, ethnicity and nationality. It provides guidance on every facet of human life – from economics and the ethics of trade to marriage, divorce, parenting, gender issues and inheritance.

Monotheism is a prominent theme of the Quran, affirming that God is One without any partners. In a concisely-worded Quranic chapter, God commands, “Say, ‘He is God the One, God the eternal. He begot no one nor was He begotten. No one is comparable to Him’” (112:1-4). [Read more: Belief in One God]

A foundational message in the Quran is its emphasis on righteous conduct built on firm belief and love for God. The Quran acknowledges human desires while reminding individuals to cultivate their souls. In addition, God calls on humans to use their intellect and reflect on the world around them. The Quran encourages humankind to recognize the signs of God’s existence in the precise order of the universe and the careful placement of every object in the total scheme of creation.

As Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), former British pop star, has expressed, “Everything made so much sense. This is the beauty of the Quran; it asks you to reflect and reason… When I read the Quran further, it talked about prayer, kindness and charity. I was not a Muslim yet, but I felt the only answer for me was the Quran and God had sent it to me.”

Quran’s Preservation

Muslims believe that God sent many revelations to humanity throughout history, and over time they underwent changes from their original form. However, God chose to preserve His message to humanity in His final revelation, the Quran. Yet, one might wonder, which evidence supports the claim that the Quran has never been modified?

The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammadp over a period of 23 years. The unique rhythmic style of the Quran made it easy to memorize, which has been the main source of its preservation. Moreover, since Prophet Muhammadp could not read or write, he appointed scribes to record the Quran as it was being revealed to him. Thus, the complete Quran was not only memorized by Prophet Muhammadp and many of his companions, but it also existed in its entirety in written form during his lifetime. [Read more: Biography of Muhammad (pbuh) by a non-Muslim]

Within a year after Prophet Muhammadp’s death, a manuscript of the entire Quran was assembled by a committee led by his chief scribe, who followed stringent criteria to safeguard against any errors. This copy was approved unanimously by Prophet Muhammadp’s companions, including hundreds that had memorized the entire Quran. Eventually, several copies of the Quran were compiled in book form and distributed to the major Muslim cities. One such copy is currently at the museum in Tashkent and a facsimile of it, produced in 1905, is available in the Columbia University Library.

The process of memorization began during Prophet Muhammadp’s life and is still emphasized by Muslims to this day. In his book, An Introduction to Hadith, John Burton explains that oral transmission through the generations aids preservation by diminishing reliance solely on written records. Manuscripts which are not protected through memorization can be altered, edited or lost overtime. However, a book that is committed to memory by millions of people across the world over centuries cannot be changed due to the amount of people who know it word-for-word.

God promises in the Quran, “We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly Guard it (from corruption)” (15:9).

Quran’s Authenticity

Many people mistakenly believe that the Quran was authored by Prophet Muhammadp. In fact, the Quran is the preserved speech of God. At the same time, one might ask, which proofs indicate that the Quran is the Word of God and not the writings of Prophet Muhammadp?

In the Quran, God addresses Prophet Muhammadp,You never recited any Scripture before We revealed this one to you; you never wrote one down with your hand” (29:48). In other words, Prophet Muhammadp, who was known to be illiterate, neither read any previous scriptures nor wrote the Quran.

Prophet Muhammadp was greatly regarded in his society for his superior character and exceptional manners, earning him the title of the ‘Truthful One.’ Even after his prophethood, the elite of Mecca were ready to make him their leader, so long as he allowed them to continue their pagan lifestyles. Yet, he was willing to forego all worldly glory in order to fulfill his mission. As a result, he suffered patiently through persecution and exile before ultimately succeeding in revolutionizing the entire Arabian Peninsula.

Through it all, God kept on revealing the Quran to him piecemeal. Occasionally, the revelations stopped temporarily, reminding him and others that he had no control over them. Once, when two envoys posed some questions to him, he replied, “Tomorrow I will tell you.” He expected God will inspire the answers in him through revelation and he waited for Angel Gabriel. However, revelation did not come during the next few weeks even as Meccans taunted him. Finally, God sent him the response while admonishing him, “Do not say of anything, ‘I will do that tomorrow,’ without adding, ‘God willing’” (Quran, 18:23-24).

The Quran was revealed at a time when the Arabs excelled in oral poetry. However, despite his intelligence, Prophet Muhammadp was not skilled in composing poetry. Yet, when the Quranic verses were recited, they stunned even the most acclaimed poets in the society. Deeply moved by the rhythmic tone, literary merit and penetrating wisdom of the Quran, many converted to Islam. Indeed, the science of Arabic grammar was developed after the revelation of the Quran, using the Quran as a basis for devising its rules.

There are many miracles in the Quran which themselves attest to the fact that this truly is a divine scripture.

Quran’s Miracles

The Quran mentions phenomena that were unknown at the time. In fact, many were only recently discovered by modern science.

For example, God describes the stages of human development in the womb:

We created man from an essence of clay, then We placed him as a drop of fluid in a safe place, then We made that drop into a clinging form, and We made that form into a lump of flesh, and We made that lump into bones, and We clothed those bones with flesh, and later We made him into other forms –– glory be to God, the best of creators! (Quran, 23:12-14)

Professor Keith Moore, a prominent scientist of anatomy and embryology at the University of Toronto, Canada, has stated, “It has been a great pleasure for me to help clarify statements in the Quran about human development. It is clear to me that these statements must have come to Muhammad from God … because almost all of this knowledge was not discovered until many centuries later.”

The Quran also describes the expansion of the universe: “And it is We who have built the universe with (Our creative) power; and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it” (51:47). It was not until 1925, when Edwin Hubble provided evidence of receding galaxies, that the expanding universe came to be accepted as a scientific fact.

Professor Alfred Kroner, a world-famous geologist, explained: “Thinking about many of these questions and thinking where Muhammad came from, he was after all a Bedouin, I think it is almost impossible that he could have known about things like the common origin of the universe, because scientists have only found out within the last few years with very complicated and advanced technological methods that this is the case.”

[Click here to learn more about the miracles of Quran.]

Quran’s Universality

“This is the Scripture in which there is no doubt, containing guidance for those who are mindful of God, who believe in the unseen…” (Quran, 2:2-3).

The Quranic message is relevant to every nation and era – another proof that the Quran is truly the Word of God. Intending for this Book to remain a source of guidance, inspiration, wisdom and healing for all of humanity, God designed its message to transcend the bounds of time.

The Quran’s divine message applies to all aspects of life and rises above the superficial differences among humans. Its teachings guide the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of humanity. It encourages us to remember God often, to humble ourselves before Him, to fulfill our promises, to work together as a community and to remain patient and perseverant in times of hardship. Quranic stories teach us the importance of placing our trust in God, speaking the truth in the face of injustice and dealing with fellow humans with mercy.

In a world starved of love and compassion, the Quran’s universal message provides the solution to the collective despair of the human condition. We invite you to open it and receive the great benefit this book has to offer.

This is a blessed Book which We sent down to you [Muhammad], for people to ponder over its message, and for those with understanding to be reminded. (Quran, 38:29)


Note: The subscript p next to Prophet Muhammadp represents the invocation Muslims say with his name: May God’s peace and blessings be upon him.


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  2. Farrukh Mazhar Khan says:

    MashAllah good article.

  3. mash, allah very good article.

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    MASH ALLAH! May Allah reward all Muslims who are behind the creation of this web site and Kaaba TV Station.And all those who enrich it with abundance of Islamic knowledge. May Allah make it means of knowledge and guidance for multitude of people who visit this site. I encourage Muslim brothers and sisters to invite and introduce Non Muslims to this site with hope and sincere intention that Allah will make it means of guidance for them.AMEEN. http://www.whyislam.org

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    Comments for Bob's comments:Allah give you Awareness Amen.

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  7. this is a misleading information for the poor muslims out there. the quran has not been preserved and Muhammed never spoke for the true God.

  8. Ruskie Grey says:

    There is 4 versions of the koran.NOT 1.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There isnt four versions of the Quran, what a morron are you, theres only ONE QURAN in the entire universe, where the hell did you find four??? Your so stupid!

  10. Anonymous says:

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    Mostafa Mansoori you are the one who is stupid and believes anything people say.Go and have a brain you idiot.Go and LEARN.Mohammad even stated go and learn till China.Your education level in Islam may I ask? You are undoubtedly using the Uthamanias version there is also the Hassaniah version you idiot.Go and check it Out and LEARN.The other 2 version I will name one only for you it is the Fatima version The last version if you cant find out it shows that your belief in your own religion not to say knowlege is pitifu

  12. Joshua Chai says:

    Isn't the Qu'ran only formed in written form after the death of Prophet Mohammed? In Hadith Al-Bukhari Volume 6 pg62-63; book 60 Chapter 152. Tradition 201, Mohammed disciples are narrated to deciding on forming the Qu'ran due to the deaths of Qurra's(those who know Qu'ran by heart).

  13. Ahmed Adam says:

    Thank you for an excellent article that is well-written and highlights the salient points about the Qur'an and Islam. Some of the comments listed here, unfortunately reflect the unintentional ignorance of some people about Islam and Muslims. Firstly, do not judge a religion by its followers. If a Muslim makes a mistake, do not condemn the Religion Islam. If a Christian makes a mistake, do not condemn Christianity. Who is there to say that one way is correct and another way is incorrect? Many people follow the Religion of their household and grow up holding firm to that Religion without considering other options. Religion is simply a "way" to find the answers to some of the most important questions such as: Who Created me? Who is the real and Only True God? Why was I Created? What is my purpose in Life? What happens to me when I die? Why is my life on Earth (less than 100 years) so short, in comparison to the Eternity that is to follow? What if I have been following the incorrect Path (Religion) and only find out after my Death, that I was misled? Will I spend my Eternal life in regret that I did not consider all the possibilities while I still had the opportunity on Earth? The Creator Who Created me, has given me a Free Will to seek Him out and find the True Path. I cannot find the True Path by myself, nor my parents, nor my priests, nor by reading books. I have to pray directly to God and seek His Guidance: O my Creator! If the Religion (Path) that I am currently following, is the CORRECT Path that will lead me to You, then keep me firm on this Way and let me not be deviated. O my Creator! If the Religion (Path) that I am currently following is the INCORRECT path that leads away from You, then please instil in me the correct Guidance so that I can find You. Your Creator is the Only One Who can give you the Guidance that you seek; however, the onus is on you: you must seek Him. If you seek His Guidance, He will not abandon you. In short, Islam is the primordial Religion of all Mankind. All the Prophets (Peace be upon them all) followed Islam, and all the Prophets (Peace be upon them) worshipped Allah (SWT), the One True God. This includes Adam, Noah, Job, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Jesus, Moses and Mohammed (Peace and Blessings be upon them all). This commonality is what makes the "Family" of Humanity. We are all related by a common Father and common Mother. It is Allah (SWT- Glorified be His Name), who Chose the Prophets, Taught them the Truth and Correct Guidance out of His Love and Mercy for His Creation. He did not send us to Earth and then simply abandon us. In addition to the Prophets, Allah (SWT) also sent various Revelations that were then carefully recorded by the Prophets or their trustworthy companions. Through the passage of time, the following has occurred to the Divine Scriptures: some have been lost forever; in some cases, a few pages of parchment are found, in an ancient and difficult language; in some cases, the Word of God has been corrupted as follows: some verses have been deleted and some new verses have been added by priests and politicians to suit their purposes in times gone by. Hence, the Word of God has been mixed up with the word of man; in this case, unfortunately, the students of these books study the words of man, as if it is the Word of God (good, decent people, have been misled in this way). Finally, Allah (SWT-Glorified be His Name), then sent the Final Prophet for all of Mankind (the Seal of Prophets) and the latest, last and Final Divine Scripture (Seal of all Scriptures) to be recorded Word-for-Word as the Word of God, without adding or deleting any single word or sentence or paragraph.Furthermore, the Language of the Qur'an is not an ancient forgotten Language, but is currently being used in the Middle East and the Arab World. The Qur'an is not a Guidance for Muslims: it is the Guidance for all of Mankind forevermore. The Muslims have a closer association with the Christians and the Jews than they have with Atheists, Agnostics and Evolutionists and all those who reject the very idea of a Supreme Being and Lord of the Worlds. Finally, there is no doubt whatsoever, that after Death, when the Day of Judgement arrives, every single human being from the First Human to the Last Human, irrespective of race, religion, ideology, nationality, gender, status (president or pauper) will all be standing in front of Allah (SWT) and no one else, since Allah (SWT) is the One True God, and there is no other god besides Him, no matter how firmly people want to believe anything to the contrary. My desire for you is for you to remove the brain-washing of your mind, and use your God-Given Intelligence, as the most intelligent of species on earth, and embark on a journey of self Discovery, once and for all, to ascertain if you are following the Correct Path, or if you are unintentionally on a wrong Path. The time to make this Discovery is now (before Death overtakes you), and we all know that Death can come at any time….


  15. Paul Bell says:

    I have told of the form's coming to me telling themselves to be God and Jesus. God did change into many form's; one in spirit or beam of light size of man moving and talking to me reading my mind and answering before I could speak until I asked if I could talk and was allowed to do so. God did change into his true angered form he told he shall destroy this Nation if it grows too great in sin. Jesus came in beam of light. All was as I have told and message was given to my original family and to all the world. I have read much of the Quran; Bible all I can since this happened. Jesus talked of the Bible being God's word; but God told all known to be of my words are of my words and would not exist if it be otherwise; but know all shall be judged in God's word. All my rules and laws are still in effect and shall be as all are judged in God's word. God also told it does not matter what faith thy profess for all that believe in me and in doing of goodness to enter Heaven are of the same faith no matter what faith thy profess upon this Earth. I feel in the truth in this that as long as one does in goodness and loves God with all their heart and loves their neighbors. This is as God wants; for they are of love. God is of spirit; I know for fact and can change into any form he choses. The terrorists do in evil and God told:: All terrorists fight in foolishness of man for all fight the true battle within each of us. No mear man is to be worshiped as a God for no mear man is a God as I am the only God. I was to tell and keep telling God has told :: I tell thee I feel it is of time to start to gather together all that believe in me for all will be needed in future events that are yet to come. Both said they give time. Both told man are but of simple creatures and the only reason we are upon this Earth is to worship God and to prove our worthiness in goodness to enter Heaven and nothing else matters within this World. The TRUTH I KNOW IS ALL ARE TO DO IN GOODNESS !!!! God told he had the last and final say in everything. I have no doubt God can destroy or do in any thing as he wants. My blood did boil. I feared my death. I fell face to ground and was picked up in mid air touching nothing and was restored to self as God told he shall not heal me again at least not at this time for as long as thy do not commit murder thy shall come to me at thy death for I want thee to know in the pleasure in Heaven. I can and have described all as I was demanded to do so all shall know all is true and real. THIS DID HAPPEN.!!!! I LOVE GOD AND JESUS WITH EVERY CELL OF MY BODY !!! God told all faiths were to come together in one faith and be called GOD'S WORD. GOD HAS DEMANDED ALL PLACES OF WORSHIP BE CALLED ( GOD'S WORD ) so there shall be no more indecision; for too many have been lost in indecision by the division of Churches. God told all administrators of places of worship and of government shall receive his special punishment in refusing his direct word; unless they do of it. All administrators of Governments world wide shall be judged in changing all current laws unto God's will; as Gay Marriage is not of God's will and God wants the children to know him. One thing I know all Faiths need to quit fussing in who's faith is right as all are to come together in one faith and all are to be called God's word and all are to teach God's word. Love and goodness is as God teaches; that is what truly matters. War is of evil. Doing any harm to another is of evil. All are to do goodness. We are to forgive and God has the last and final say . I tried to writ all told to me and it was around 14 pages to my brother and original family in their theft. Being charged in grand theft and only reversing their actions against me shall they still have a chance to enter Heaven and I was to tell this so all shall know not to do in this. God dammed all that caused great anguish upon me and used his name to harm and deceive me unless they paid rightful restitution unto me . The rest was as parts of the Bible tell and as I tell above and many things such as all are judged in the goodness of ones heart or soul and as they do in everything; if thy walk in faith with me and talk to me in faith thy shall find peace. If all is God's word is it possible he has given each section or country a message in their languish ??? I am still learning in God's word and I never thought both would come to me. I try to tell; as I will not refuse God's Direct word as no one should. I just know all I have been telling did happen to me and I do fear GOD!!!!!! Just as I love him. God told I was of normal man but my love was special to him for I would have died for him any second and I would have and still would.

  16. Paul Bell says:

    As the Quran tell God also told that Jesus was given governance over man. I learn in God's word as all do; but all I told happened to me absolutely did happen to me and I have sworn in court of law. I will never forget the radiating calming love of Jesus and as the light shown above in same colors as his robe higher than I could see and Jesus telling me he was the king I had helped in Heaven. Light shown so bright as behind I could not see the outer form or about an inch of his outer body and had a halo of the brightest light or crown I have ever seen over his head . God's true angered form was totally amazing and too strong for any to take for long as I hit the ground immediately and knew in my mind I was going to die.. All told of my original family was in total truth for all I have ever had in money and material nearly has been taken by them. They don't like me telling but God and Jesus told it shall be as set in stone forever that unless they reverse their actions against me they shall burn and if they refuse my direct word in reversing their actions they also shall receive my special punishment. God gave specific telling unto each in what they did wrong. I know in truth each did as God told. All of my past was told to me in truth as Jesus read from the book of life. All I knew of mine and my original family 's life was told in total truth. All I saw was as I told. Most of as I have been told of the Bible I have found but I still look up some. Any would want to feel forever as I felt in the presence of Jesus. It is too hard for me to think their coming was in evil as the Bible tells only a telling that includes Jesus is of truth. I shall read all of the Quran as it tells the same as the Bible in what I have read so far; but all need to know God absolutely has told he gives time and has told :: I tell thee I feel it is of time to start to gather together all that believe in me for all shall be needed in future events that are yet to come. God has told all his righteous are to be known of God and God has demanded all places of worship world wide to change name to ( GOD'S WORD ) so there shall be no more indecision; for too many have been lost in indecision by the division of Churches. Jesus told this is the starting of the end times . The Bible tell's in the end times all God's righteous shall be known of God. God's plan is coming to pass.

  17. Paul Bell says:

    The only truth I know to be Fact is that God and Jesus did come to me as I prayed in forgiveness and in guidance and told All known to be of my words are of my words and would not exist if it be otherwise; but to know all shall be judged in God's word. That all God's rules and laws are still in effect and shall be as all are judged in God's word. That Both have told ::: I tell thee I feel it is of time to start to gather together all that believe in me for all will be needed in future events that are yet to come. That if the money changers and ultra rich do not of my will and help this Nation it shall be the starting of the end not only for this Nation but for most of the World and shall be of a time of destruction; hunger; famine; and disease never before known to man as we feed the world; but it does not have to be at this time if the money changers and ultra rich do of my will; if not all the money changers and ultra rich shall burn. If they do of my will the ultra rich shall still burn unless they feed the hungry and help the poor. Both have told:: All places of worship world wide are to change name to ( GOD'S WORD ) so there shall be no more indecision; for too many have been lost in indecision by the division of Churches. All administrators of Governments world wide shall be judged in changing all current laws unto God's will as Gay Marriage is not of God's will and God wants the children to know him. All terrorists fight in foolishness of man for all fight the true battle within each of us. No mear man is to be worshiped as a God as no mear man is a God as I am the only God. I was told to be God's Direct Messenger unto my Brother and unto all the World. That all that can be said of God in his coming to me can also be said of Jesus. God said he was mostly of light and was in everything everywhere even the Heavens. As I have told If thy walk in Faith with me and talk to me in faith thy shall find peace. God said my faith is more of his original telling and of all the multitude around thee thy are the most righteous and the only one righteous enough to carry my words unto thy brother and unto the world. God said he was sorrowed at the division of churches for it has caused many lost souls by indecision. Jesus said all are to stop making up stories and teaching as much of his prophets work and to teach of GOD'S WORD for his words are of the truth and only truth for no man comes unto heaven except threw him and as many souls that can be brought unto him needs to be brought for the division of churches lost too many and all are needed for time grows short. Once Jesus told and nodded his head telling time grows near !!! God and Jesus said he felt if all taught his words then all would be teaching of the truth and all could be known of teaching of GOD'S WORD and be ( CALLED GOD'S WORD ) then there would be no indecision!!! God said all are judged by the goodness of their hearts or soul and as they do in everything. God said after thy give thyself unto me all are to do of goodness as their penance to enter heaven ; be it of feeding the hungry or doing of goodness in every day life. (((((( GOD SAID ALL THAT BELIEVE IN HIM AND OF DOING OF GOODNESS AS THY PENTANCE TO ENTER HEAVEN ( ARE OF THE SAME FAITH ) NO MATTER WHAT FAITH THEY PROFESS UPON THIS EARTH.))))))) God said he came mostly unto me to have me tell his words unto my original family but I was to tell of all I had seen and heard and all related unto the World. I have been telling of all ever since September of last year. I TELL ALL IT WAS GOD AND JESUS THAT CAME TO ME NOMATTER WHAT ANY THINK. I WAS TOLD TO BE GOD'S DIRECT MESSENGER UNTO ALL. THAT ALL WERE TO BELIEVE MY WORDS FOR THEY WERE GOD'S WORDS DIRECTLY FROM GOD'S OWN MOUTH AND ANY THAT DID NOT BELIEVE WERE NEI AS A FOOL; FOR GOD SAID:: I AM GOD THE GOD THE ONE AND ONLY GOD ALL MIGHTY AND AS I HAVE TOLD DO IN EVERYTHING AS I SEE FIT. I know with all my heart all that does not do as GOD has demanded of shall receive God's Special punishment as he has told; unless they do of it.

  18. Jay Omer says:

    If christanity is the true religion of God why are there so many different sects

  19. What a world full of delusional fools. I really feel sorry that you would need such order in your life to have to believe in a book that has never been proved authentic. Anyways if you were stronger you would know that god does not exists and really you would get on fine with out imaginary friends. You are a product of your environment my friends. Here is your proof god could not exists amongst many other obvious reasons http://www.maltanow.com.mt/?p=2927#sthash.xvdxlCGm.gbpl

  20. Because God is made up. 300plus gods come on now

  21. Paul Bell says:

    I have seen and been given message that all that does not come unto Jesus shall burn and suffer much much worse than I and last for a long long time as eternity is everlasting. I have suffered in GOD'S TRIAL OF ANGUISH GOD TOLD. I could burn myself and pull off my finger nails and toenails without any more pain as I was in total anguish and my spine felt as if it would burst. I want no one to anguish in such misery. Please know I have told all in total truth and I will take any lie detector test as GOD demanded of me to prove all is true and real in the HOLY BIBLE if it will help others to believe.

  22. Paul Bell says:

    GOD told the version of the HOLY BIBLE in him giving his true form in the end days was his true version. The truth and only truth as no one comes unto him in Heaven except threw JESUS. Man need not add any GOD told !!! Jesus told his first two Churches was more of his original telling.

  23. Paul Bell says:

    I tell as told by GOD ALL MIGHTY and JESUS demanded me to tell in person to me. I know many may doubt but GOD told all was to believe as I tell his words directly from his own mouth as he told :: I am GOD the GOD the one and only GOD and if any doubt thee tell them I am GOD ALL MIGHTY and as I have told do in everything as I see fit. GOD told Muhammad was not to be worshiped. That all terrorists fight in foolishness of man for all fight the true battle within each of us. In GOD'S DIRECT WORD GOD COMMANDED ALL PLACES OF WORSHIP WORLD WIDE TO CHANGE NAME TO ( GOD'S WORD ) AND TO TEACH GOD'S WORD SO THERE SHALL BE NO MORE INDECISION FOR TOO MANY HAVE BEEN LOST IN INDECISION BY THE DIVISION OF CHURCHES SO MORE CAN BE BROUGHT UNTO JESUS AS TIME GROWS NEAR. NO MERE MAN REFUSES MY DIRECT WORD IN PRIDE OF MAN LESS THEY RECEIVE MY SPECIAL PUNISHMENT. ALL THAT DOES NOT COME UNTO JESUS SHALL BURN. ALL THAT CAN BE BROUGHT UNTO JESUS NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT AS TIME GROWS NEAR. ALL ADMINISTRATORS OF GOVERNMENT SHALL BE JUDGED IN CHANGING ALL CURRENT LAWS UNTO GOD"S WILL AS GAY MARRIAGE IS NOT OF GOD'S WILL AND GOD WANT ALL HIS CHILDREN TO KNOW HIM. ALL ADMINISTRATORS OF GOVERNMENT SHALL RECEIVE MY SPECIAL PUNISHMENT IN REFUSING MY DIRECT WORD; UNLESS THEY DO OF IT. If thy walk in faith with me and talk to me in faith thy shall find peace. After thy give thy self unto me all are to do of goodness as thy penance to enter Heaven whether it be of feeding the hungry or of doing of goodness in everyday life. All shall be judged in the goodness of their hearts or soul and as they do in everything. AS telling of his true version of the HOLY BIBLE GOD TOLD ::: All known to be of my words are of my words and would not exist if it be other wise but know all shall be judged in GOD'S WORD. ALL MY RULES AND LAWS ARE STILL IN EFFECT AND SHALL BE AS ALL ARE JUDGED IN GOD'S WORD. In thy brothers and thy Father all is written. GOD picked me up in mid air touching nothing and told If the money changers and the ultra rich do not of my will and help this Nation it will be the starting of the end not only for this Nation but for most of the World and shall be of a time of destruction hunger famine and disease never before known unto man as we feed the world but it does noit have to be at this time if the money changers and the ultra rich do of my will. If not all the money changers and the ultra rich shall burn. If they do of my will the ultra rich shall still burn unless they feed the hungry and help the poor. One has but to look around and see that it is the starting of the end times. I truly feel sorry for those that do not come unto JESUS and try to do in goodness for in damnation such suffering as I have done they truly shall suffer much much more and last a long long time as eternity is everlasting JESUS told. ALL GOD TOLD WAS REPEATED BY JESUS. ALL TOLD BY JESUS WAS REPEATED BY GOD. GOD TOLD ALL THAT CAN BE SAID OF ME IN MY COMING CAN ALSO BE SAID OF HIM ( JESUS ). GOD TRULY DID TELL MAN NEED NOT ADD ANY TO THE HOLY BIBLE. GOD IS OF SPIRIT and JESUS IS GOD'S SON and was given GOVERNANCE OVER MAN BUT THE HOLY BIBLE IS AS ALL SHALL BE JUDGED. WHO ARE YOU TO BELIEVE MAN OR GOD ALL MIGHTY AND JESUS ????????????? I was demanded to be GOD'S DIRECT MESSENGER as GOD and JESUS have come to me in person !!!!!!!!!!! JESUS SHALL COME BACK UNTO ALL IN THIS GENERATION THE HOLY BIBLE TELL.

  24. Paul Bell says:


  25. Ahmed Adam says:

    Hi Paul, your theological knowledge about Islam, or any other Religion, is worse than a 5 year old kindergarten kid. Please increase your knowledge and remove hate from your heart before the Day of Judgement comes and you will be standing in front of Allah (SWT) without a shadow of a doubt. When you finally meet Allah (SWT), you must remember this email; I hope by that time you have found the Truth, or else, your Eternity will be spent in regret and torment

  26. Paul Bell says:

    I only tell as GOD ALL MIGHTY and JESUS told me to tell. I mean no harm in religions but GOD did tell all shall be judged in GOD'S WORD the HOLY BIBLE. What GOD meant was that being taught to worship MUHAMMAD WAS WRONG. If I pronounce wright. That he was a mere man just as I and no mere man was to be worshiped as a GOD as no mere man is a GOD as I am the only GOD. That people grow up being taught in wrong but it was up to us of GOD to teach in truth. I feel sorry for the terrorists for they shall burn. Even more for their victims. I have even cried for I know if I am not believed many shall burn in refusing GOD'S DIRECT WORD. This World truly is of EVIL; more so than I ever thought. GOD told he was mostly of light and was within every thing every where even the Heavens. I wish all could have seen and felt as I; but in Faith all must come unto JESUS. I know it is a great leap of Faith for another faith to change name to GOD'S WORD; but GOD told all Faith's were to change name to GOD'S WORD and to teach GOD'S WORD. if told many times and still refused the administrators shall burn and if I was harmed or killed it would tempt GOD'S WRATH within this current time; but he shall judge any way. I feel we all teach near the same words of GOD. All known to be of my words are my words; I took it in his words in the HOLY BIBLE after Jesus telling the HOLY BIBLE IS GOD'S WORDS.; but I feel could have been meant in all faiths teaching of him; for why else would he tell::: but know all shall be judged in GOD'S WORD. I know our faith's are not that much different in fact. the most important thing I feel as JESUS told is to worship GOD ALL MIGHTY with all thy heart and love thy neighbor as both faith's tell in goodness were to do; not in evil as the terrorists are doing. In truth I was telling of the HOLY BIBLE; not in the other faith's ; but only in the Quran teaching of JESUS for I know not all of it. Jesus told the HOLY BIBLE IS GOD'S WORD. GOD told :: ALL KNOWN TO BE OF MY WORDS ARE OF MY WORDS AND WOULD NOT EXIST IF IT BE OTHER WISE; BUT KNOW AKLL SHALL BE JUDGE IN GOD'S WORD. If GOD has given each territory of the World a similar telling but is meant to preserve Jesus's home land or such; What ever GOD meant I can except either for all I know in fact is that in goodness we all do to enter Heaven; in giving one's self unto Jesus and doing in goodness is the way unto Heaven as GOD and JESUS told me in person. Personally in my own feelings I feel we normal people in the World have little to do with how things are done in this world as most of us have no power to tell the Governments how to do; BUT I do know GOD and JESUS has told they all shall burn all administrators of GOVERNMENT WORLD WIDE shall receive my special punishment; UNLESS THEY DO OF IT; in refusing my direct word in changing all current laws unto GOD'S WILL as gay marriage is not of GOD'S WILL and GOD wants all his children to know him. I know in fact GOD and JESUS told we all are GOD'S CHILDREN. I just know I have changed since they came to me and know we all need to obey GOD. In such joy I have felt is truly indescribable in such beauty. What is ahead of us in our after lives must be truly wonderful; but I fear for those of evil for they shall endure anguish ever lasting. I just know all need to give their self unto JESUS and do in goodness to enter Heaven; that is the most important thing.

  27. Paul Bell says:

    GOD told all faith's are to come together in one faith known of GOD'S WORD and teach GOD'S WORD that if refused the administrators shall burn. All known to be my words are of my words and would not exist if it be otherwise; but know all shall be judged in GOD'S WORD; the HOLY BIBLE.

  28. Paul Bell says:

    It is like this to me. As I told my brother JESUS does not lie . I do not feel JESUS in radiating calming love would be with the devil and the HOLY BIBLE tells only a telling including JESUS is of the truth. GOD ALL MIGHTY changed into burning bush and many forms telling he did this so I would know it was him. That After this telling all were to watch for false tellings for it be the starting of the end times. My blood did boil until I fell face to ground. Both repeated every word told by the other and GOD said all that can be said of me in my coming can also be said of him.( JESUS ). The HOLY BIBLE opened by it's self to exact page and verse GOD told in my original family's damnation. And as I was foolish enough to say give me sign the tree touching my house exploded shaking house very badly taking many limbs from the tree. I was absolutely picked up high in the air and told it shall not only be this Nation that is destroyed but most of the world. The Holy Bible tell you will be in a place where you ought not be and in mid air is exactly that. I shall always BELIEVE and nothing can change that fact for I know GOD ALL MIGHTY might get angry at times but I know he is of love for us; his Children and wants caring love from us. NOT MURDER as the terrorists do for they are DAMMED; GOD AND JESUS TOLD !!!!!!!

  29. Paul Bell says:

    GOD HAS TOLD IN MURDER THY SHALL BE DAMMED. In grand theft unless thy reverse thy actions thy shall be dammed. In lost land if thy tell of it and thy know of it; it is to be given back. GOD'S DIRECT WORD is to be obeyed or you will receive GOD'S SPECIAL PUNISHMENT. and shall also receive it if you harm someone and use GOD'S NAME to deceive someone unless rightful restitution is paid. In these things I was told in person by GOD and JESUS in relating to my own life. AS I have told:: JESUS does not lie. GOD has told all his plan shall come to pass; but if this Nation grows too great in sin he shall DESTROY IT and his plan shall be accelerated. Gay Marriage is not of GOD'S WILL and he has destroyed before!!! This Nation is to be as example of goodness with his righteous in Israel and if not and it grows too great in sin GOD has told he shall destroy this Nation. If more come unto JESUS I may give more time; but know I do in all things as I see fit. This Nation shall not last for long for no Nation lasts for long unless it be of my thy GOD'S WILL. I would not tell as I have Damming myself; unless GOD all MIGHTY and JESUS did command me to tell GOD'S DIRECT WORD; Unto thy Brother and unto All In This World.

  30. Paul Bell says:

    GOD and JESUS has told the HOLY BIBLE is GOD'S WORD. All known to be of my words are of my words and would not exist if it be other wise; but know all shall be judged in GOD'S WORD. All my rules and laws are still in effect and shall be as all are judged in GOD'S WORD. All places of Worship are to change name to ( GOD'S WORD ) and teach GOD'S WORD so there shall be no more indecision for too many have been lost in indecision by the division of Churches so more can be brought unto JESUS AS TIME GROWS NEAR. ALL FAITH'S ARE to come together in ONE FAITH known of GOD'S WORD. ALL THAT BELIEVE IN ME ARE TO COME TOGETHER IN ONE FAITH. I tell thee I feel it is of time to start gathering together all that believe in me for all will be needed in future events that are yet to come. If all teach of my words then all can be known of teaching of the truth and if they teach GOD'S WORD then I feel they can be called ( GOD'S WORD ) then there would be no more indecision. THIS IS GOD'S and JESUS'S EXACT DIRECT WORDS !!!! I would not tell Damming myself; unless told to tell by GOD ALL MIGHTY and JESUS and I must say in the radiating waves of the HOLY SPIRIT ; If all knew of it all in this World would be running unto JESUS. THE BATTLE OF GOOD AND EVIL SHALL COME. GOD'S plan is coming to pass. The HOLY BIBLE tell JESUS shall come back unto all in this generation. It may be 100 years or it may be any time as GOD has told he does in all things as he sees fit. GOD and JESUS told all are to believe my words for they are GOD'S WORDS directly from GOD'S own mouth . That he is GOD; THE GOD; THE ONE AND ONLY GOD and if any DOUBT THEE tell them I AM GOD ALL MIGHTY and as I have told do in everything as I see fit. I was commanded to tell GOD'S DIRECT WORD as GOD'S DIRECT MESSENGER; I try to do so.

  31. Ahmed Adam says:

    Hi Joshua. It appears that you are seeking the truth and that is good. The Qur'an has more than 6000 Verses, contained within 114 Chapters. The Qur'an is the ONLY Divine Book which has been Protected by God from any corruption. Second, the Qur'an is the ONLY divine Book, where the adherants have committed the entire book to memory in the Arabic Language, from the first word to the last word. The Qur'an was being written down by 17 trustworthy scribes who were personally appointed by the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him); so when a new Verse was Revealed, the Prophet would notify the scribes that this Verse goes in Chapter 10, Verse 5, for example. It is important to note that the current Quran is NOT in the chronological order of Revelation. By Divine Inspiration, the Prophet knew whch verse goes into which Chapter and at which place. Furthermore, on a daily basis, 5 times a day, various Chapters of teh Qur'an were recited (up to the current tiimes) to ensure that no mistakes occur between the written word and the spoken word. Furthermore, in the month of Ramadaan, the ENTIRE Quran is recited from 1st page to last page, thus again ensuring the correct order and preciseness of the Qur'an. As explained by the other writers, when several Huffaz (memorisers of the Qur'an) were treacherously betrayed and murdered, there became an urgent need to preserve the oral word in a written form. This was already being done in parallel during the life of the Prophet. So it was siply a matter of compiling all the loose pages into a book. Furthermore, the Quran was revealed in seven different Dialects, and to avoid confusion amoung the people, one primary Dialect has been in common use, though there are scholars that know all 7 Dialects. Hence, the compilation of the Qur'an was not a random process, and it was started and completed during the life of the Prophet. No other Divine Book can match this Unique Distinction of accuracy and a labour of love

  32. GOD said in Koran that it will be stupidly denied because some people are being kept in error and some people are not.
    GOD blessed me, being brought up Catholic I quickly gone astray and after 22 years GOD opened my eyes first to Gospel then to Koran (I prefer THIS spelling). GOD was with me all my life, NOW I can see it. I might have been given enough time to thank GOD for this life-long blessing and a gift of life itself…

  33. Lori Lindsey says:

    Has anyone did the math on this blog??? if it says in the first part of blog that it was written in the seventh century then in the next few paragraphs it says 1400 years ago.. direct words from God to mohammed through a angel is not direct to mohammed hello!!

  34. Lori Lindsey says:

    Again I reiterate… and quote:""" It consists of the unaltered and direct words of God, which were revealed through the Angel Gabriel to Muhammadp, the final prophet of Islam, "" first off the koran says mohammed is first muslim and only prophet ironically God in Bible tells us there is satan and a ONE false prophet who will be punished along with satan. Now I get back the the quote above… if something is unaltered and direct its not gonna be through someone else. Hear me now… mohammed had no witnesses. This is against islam. Mohammed was a slave slaves tesimony is mute in islam. The master has to speak for a slave to give testimony. mohammed NEVER read the koran never proof read nor wrote it so it is entirely recited and in haddiths we verify he forgot alot of verses other reciters reminded him of. The goat ate some and they sponged the satanic vereses from satan. So the koran is NOT UN ALTERED its been altered in many many ways and forms. According to haddiths alilah commanded not to use skins for sacred objects… yet koran was altered into skins. I think its fair to see all the alterations from the seventh century as this article so specifically avoids. Because mohammed died in 632-6 the koran was written down aprox 30+ years after mohammeds death ironically this would make it aprox 666. wake up people !!!!! the numeric value of al-ilahs name is 666.

  35. Lori Lindsey says:

    Lastly… the korans god is written in form of title as WE. When Jesus cast out the devil out of the man who lived among the graves the demon had a name it was legion.. for WE are many. Read the koran and see… the verse goes as this… "WE made man from sperm drop".. ironically science will tell you… first you have to have a mans sexual parts and a sexual act and a host to make a man from sperm drop this is called procreation! not creation! The koran speaks in narration form thus not direct nor… singular. WE is a plural word not singular. in islam… alilah has no consort. And cannot have a son. So this book is preposterous and its easy to expose its flaws and serious lies it claims.

  36. You wrote many foolish things that are not even close to being true. Furthermore, you couldn't spell Allah. Ah, I should also mention, the part about the skins and Muhammed being a slave is an invention of yours. Oh one last thing, it was written while he was alive. It was compiled into one book after his death. Hope that helps, but if God couldn't help you, how can I? May Allah have mercy on you and guide you.

    PS: If possible, avoid creating lies when you breath. You will be judged for that too.

  37. Mo Po says:

    Hello I've been thinking like many in mankind have also thought who created us? What this beibg purpose of creating us? They are countless of books religions professing they know God/creator his plan.Certainly they all can't be right.let us logically and discuss and figure out this answer. Two things I know certain is fact is that one, we were created as well as every thing around us. We simply don't exist iut of nothing the world and life force has to much laws and sophistication to simple just occur out of chance.Two, that living righteous life ultimately makes the world a better place.Think about it if everyone in the world lived by the moral teachings that are found in the bible,quran,torrah and any other main religion that sort of makes some sense the world would be a better place..so I encourge all believers of peace Christian,muslims,jews, Buddhist,etc. To truly find undenying proof of our existence

  38. Mo Po says:

    Is it really impossible to live a life, with out sin? If we always doing the right thing there's no need to lie, maybe we can erdact death all together if our heart/mind/soul is 100 pure

  39. this same book and its teachings are what inspire intolerance and the rise of the global communism of caliphate, God gave man free will, that will is not to be subjugated by any set of rituals, dogmas, or beliefs. Muslims do not use their free will to call out the psychosis of its behavior, if anything by their silence they endorse it. We are warned of false prophets, and by their fruit shall they be known, the fruit I see is of intolerance, hatred, the endorsement of telling a lie to those who are not of Muslim. It is not and never has been a religion of peace, and may be quantified today at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com. God does not shout "death to America", "Death to Israel" or Death to anyone, and Gods will for all people is in the Lords prayer, "forgive our tresspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" God would have all the world be saved, not by conversion, coercion, dogma, religion, but by personal choice and exercise of free will to do so. To embrace the virgin birth of Christ, yet disbelieve his crucification and death on the cross, not to mention his heed, judge not lest ye be judged, that by knowledge of sin, you are sin, no matter what burka, female castration, and whatever repressive means you use, by that behavior you have acknowledged your lust and have committed the sin.

  40. Amazingly human beings now have no choice. A book made me do it. Such pathetic ignorance. People choose from their heart to sin whether they are atheist or religious. Blame the book won't cut it before God. If you are an atheist, it won't be a defense before the courts either. Yes….people quote all kinds of things to escape accountability….for a time.


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