The Preservation of the Glorious Quran

Quran: A Miracle to last till the End!

The Methodology

preservation_of_quranThe Glorious Quran is the pure word of God. There is not a single word therein that is not divine. Divine verses therefore, have not been mingled with the history of the Arabs or the events that occurred during the period its revelation.

The Book has been handed down to our age in its complete and original form since the time of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him  (p) . From the time the Book began to be revealed, the Prophet (p) had dictated its text to the scribes. The written text was then read out to Prophet (p), who, having satisfied himself that the scribe had committed no error of recording, would put the manuscript in safe custody.

The Prophet (p) used to instruct the scribe about the sequence in which a revealed message was to be placed in a particular Surah (chapter). In this manner, the Prophet (p) continued to arrange the text of the Quran in systematic order till the end of the chain of revelations.

Again, it was ordained from the beginning of Islam that a recitation of the Glorious Quran must be an integral part of worship. Hence the illustrious Companions would commit the Divine verses to memory as soon as they were revealed. Many of them learned the whole text and a far larger number had memorized different portions of it. [Listen to the Quran here.]

Method of preservation of the Quran during the Prophet’s time

Besides, those of the Companions who were literate used to keep a written record of several portions of the Glorious Quran. In this manner, the text of the Quran had been preserved in four different ways during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (p):

a) The Holy Prophet (p) had the whole text of the Divine Messages from the beginning to the end committed to writing by the scribes of revelations.

b) Many of the Companions learned the whole text of the Quran, every syllable of it, by heart.

c) All the illustrious Companions, without an exception, had memorized at least some portions of the Holy Quran, for the simple reason that it was obligatory for them to recite it during worship. An estimate of the number of the illustrious Companions may be obtained from the fact that one hundred and forty thousands Companions had participated in the Last Pilgrimage performed by the Prophet (p).

d) A considerable number of the literate Companions kept a private record of the text of the Quran and satisfied themselves as to the purity of their record by reading it out to the Prophet (p). [Read here about the Arrangement of the Quran.]

Methods of preservation of the Quran after the demise of the Prophet

It is an incontrovertible historical truth that the text of the Glorious Quran extant today is, syllable for syllable, exactly the same as the Prophet (p) had offered to the world as the Word of God.

After the demise of the Prophet(p), the first Caliph Abu Bakr, assembled all the Huffaz (those who have committed the Quran to memory), and the written records of the Glorious Quran and with their help had the whole text written in Book form. In the time of Uthman, copies of this original version were made and officially dispatched to the Capitals of the Islamic world. Two of the original manuscripts of the Quran prepared 1400 years ago still exist today; one is in the Topkapi Saray Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, and the other in Tashkent, Russia. Both of these are identical in content with the Quran available all over the world today.

And how can one expect any discrepancy, when there have existed several million “Huffaz” (someone who has memorized the entire Quran, word for word, cover to cover) in every generation since the time of the Holy Prophet (p) and in our own time. Should anyone alter a syllable of the original text of the Quran, these Huffaz would at once expose the mistake.

In the last century, an Institute of Munich University in Germany collected forty two thousand copies of the Glorious Quran including manuscripts and printed texts produced in each period in the various parts of the Islamic World. Research work was carried out on these texts for half a century, at the end of which the researchers concluded that apart from copying mistakes, there was no discrepancy in the text of these forty-two thousand copies, even though they belonged to the period between the 1st Century to the 14th Century of the Islamic era (roughly from the seventh to the twentieth century of the Common Era), and had been procured from all parts of the world. This institute, alas, perished in the bombing attacks on Germany during World War II, but the findings of its research project survived.

Another point that must be kept in view is that the word in which the Quran was revealed is a living language in our own time. It is still current as the mother tongue of about a hundred million people from Iraq to Morocco. In the non-Arab world too, hundreds of thousands of people study and teach this language.

The grammar of the Arabic language, its lexicon, its phonetic system and its phraseology, has remained intact for fourteen hundred years. A modern Arabic-speaking person can comprehend the Glorious Quran with as much proficiency as did the Arabs of fourteen centuries ago. This, then, is an important attribute of Prophet Muhammad (p). The Book that God revealed to him for the guidance of mankind exists today in its original language without the slightest alteration in its vocabulary.

(This is taken from part of a speech “Message of Prophet’s (p) Seerah”, given by Syed Abul A’ala Mawdudi. He compares the history and authenticity of three scriptures, Torah, Injeel and Quran.)


  1. this is very misleading information for 1.5 billions innocent muslims out there. where did the author of the article get this information. please give the sources.

  2. When Ibn Umar—son of the second Muslim caliph—heard people declaring that they knew the entire Qur’an, he said to them:

    “Let none of you say, ‘I have learned the whole of the Koran,’ for how does he know what the whole of it is, when much of it has disappeared? Let him rather say, ‘I have learned what is extant thereof’” (Abu Ubaid, Kitab Fada’il-al-Qur’an).

  3. One of Muhammad’s companions, Abu Musa, supported this claim when he said that the early Muslims forgot two surahs (chapters) due to laziness:

    Sahih Muslim 2286—Abu Musa al-Ash’ari sent for the reciters of Basra. They came to him and they were three hundred in number. They recited the Qur’an and he said: You are the best among the inhabitants of Basra, for you are the reciters among them. So continue to recite it. (But bear in mind) that your reciting for a long time may not harden your hearts as were hardened the hearts of those before you. We used to recite a surah which resembled in length and severity to (Surah) Bara’at. I have, however, forgotten it with the exception of this which I remember out of it: “If there were two valleys full of riches, for the son of Adam, he would long for a third valley, and nothing would fill the stomach of the son of Adam but dust.” And we used to recite a surah which resembled one of the surahs of Musabbihat, and I have forgotten it…

  4. how can this article claim the preservation of the Quran when the early muslim sources testify otherwise?

  5. Rawa Muhsin says:

    @ Wilson Blaise.
    1. In Islam there is the concept of naskh (abrogation) which is based in the Qur'an itself. In summary the concept is that just as God chooses to send down revelation so can He also take it up and remove it from the minds and brains of the people. The wisdom and detailed rulings of this need a lengthy discussion, but if you really want to know about you will research it. The hadith in Sahih Muslim that you quoted is referring to one such abrogated (i.e. taken up) surah.

    2. You have taken that quote from the book of Abu Ubaid on the merits of the Qur'an. Again a powerful concept in Islam which is alien to the West but constitutes a robust system for preservation of text is the system of isnad (chain of narrators). Not every narration mentioned in any book is straightaway authentic. There is a whole branch of the Islamic sciences that deals with studying and analyzing the chain of narrators of these types of narrations and through that you can judge whether this statement was in fact said by that person or whether it is just a fabrication.
    Not all the narrations in the book of Abu Ubaid are authentic; hence you cannot blindly cherry-pick any narration that suits your inclination and use it as proof.

  6. @ Rawa Muhsin, would you say this narration is not authentic? was it written by infidels or by a muslim?

  7. Aliyah Drop-Top says:

    Doesnt matter who narrated it. A narration from a Muslim can be unauthentic if its chain cannot be verified.

  8. the narration of Surat Al Ahzab being as llong as Surat Al Baqarah's hukm is WEAK ..

    Read well , not blindly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    'A'isha reported that the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) heard a person reciting the Qur'an at night. Upon this he said: May Allah show mercy to him; he has reminded me of such and such a verse which I had missed in such and such a surah. (Book #004, Hadith #1720) Sahih Muslim. – What happened when Muhammad had no one around him.. it's possible he forgot.. there is MORE evidence proving the Quran has not been preserved in entirety at all. This website is designed for the masses who know nothing about Islam. It's deception.

  10. Anonymous says:

    1) i)Muhammad's aorta was severed by Allah, proving he created FALSE sayings Allah did not say.

    ii) Surah 69, verses 44-46 – Allah issues aorta test.

    iii)Narrated Ibn Abbas: 'Umar bin Al-Khattab used to let Ibn Abbas sit beside him, so 'AbdurRahman bin 'Auf said to 'Umar, "We have sons similar to him." 'Umar replied, "(I respect him) because of his status that you know." 'Umar then asked Ibn 'Abbas about the meaning of this Holy Verse:– "When comes the help of Allah and the conquest of Mecca . . ." (110.1) Ibn 'Abbas replied, "That indicated the death of Allah's Apostle which Allah informed him of." 'Umar said, "I do not understand of it except what you understand." Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, "O 'Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my AORTA is being cut from that poison." (Book #59, Hadith #713) – Sahih Bukhari.

    The Muslim refutation of this is weak. They claim severing implies blood flowing out…. that is stupid. Muhammad clearly says he feels AS IF HIS AORTA IS BEING CUT FROM HIM. A cut implies blood flowing out too. So Muhammad changed verses of the quran. PERIOD. According to ISLAMIC TEXTS AND HIS OWN CHALLENGE! This site is a deceipt.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Aliyah Macaroni Muhammad's aorta was severed by Allah, proving he created false sayings Allah did NOT say. See my above post. This site is an awful deception at best. on virtually every issue it wreaks of rehashed arguments and rotten deception. Read the islamic texts, hadith, commentaries, tafsir etc. Do not look at these silly propaganda sites. Im out of here.


  13. A Problem Regarding the Text and Transmission of the Qur'an
    Many Muslims assume that the Qur'an is superior to all other Scriptures. The Qur'an alone judges all other Scriptures and cannot be judged by them.
    The problem with this concept of many Muslims regarding the collection and transmission of the Qur'an is the vast amount of evidence from good Muslim sources that conflicts with it. Here we limit our discussion to one segment of the evidence, namely, the fact that prior to the recension of Uthman, other Qur'an collectors and reciters had engaged in preparing their own Qur'an codices. Of these we refer to two individuals: Abdullah ibn Mas`ud and Ubai ibn Ka`b.
    1. Before Uthman's Qur'an was sent to Kufah, the people of Kufah used a Qur'an prepared by Abdullah ibn Mas`ud, a servant and Companion of Muhammad, one of the earliest reciters of the Qur'an, and one of the four persons to whom Muhammad guided his followers to learn the Qur'an. He claimed that he had learned about 70 surahs directly from Muhammad. Since he was considered an authority on the Qur'an and lived in Kufah, it is not surprising that he refused to give up his copy of the Qur'an in favour of Uthman's copy and that the Kufans supported his decision.
    Islamic source materials reveal significant differences between Uthman's text and text of Ibn Mas`ud. Ibn Mas`ud's text even omits Surahs 1, 113 and 114.1 Jeffery's collection of his variant readings occupies 89 pages of his book!2
    Narrated Shaqiq:
    `Abdullah said, "I learnt An-Naza'ir which the Prophet () used to recite in pairs in each rak`a." Then `Abdullah got up and Alqama accompanied him to his house, and when Alqama came out, we asked him (about those Suras). He said, "They are twenty Suras that start from the beginning of Al- Mufassal, according to the arrangement done be Ibn Mas`ud, and end with the Suras starting with Ha Mim, e.g. Ha Mim (the Smoke). and "About what they question one another?" (78.1) : Sahih al-Bukhari 4996


  14. 2. A second of the four reciters of the Qur'an singled out by Muhammad as the best teachers of the Qur'an was Ubai ibn Ka`b. He served as a secretary for Muhammad in Medina and eventually compiled his own pre-Uthmanic text of the Qur'an which spread especially in Syria. Many of his variant readings agree with those in Ibn Mas`ud's text. His compilation is especially distinguished by the addition of two extra surahs, a distinction which was shared also by the codex of Ibn Abbas, the renowned Quranic commentator. These surahs in translation read:
    O Allah, we seek your help and ask your forgiveness,and we praise you and do not disbelieve in you.We separate from and leave who sin against you. (al-Khal', `Separation')
    O Allah, we worship you and to you we pray and prostrate and to you we run and hasten to serve you.We hope for your mercy and we fear your punishment. Your punishment will certainly reach the unbelievers (al-Hafd, `Haste')
    From the above evidence alone, it is obvious that many variant readings from pre-Uthmanic collections of the Qur'an continue to exist even after Uthman's order that they be destroyed.

  15. Let’s turn to Yusuf Ali's Translation and Commentary of the Holy Qur'an for further evidences. Yusuf Ali refers to a variant reading in Ubai ibn Ka`b's codex of the Qur'an which reads: "… and he is a father to them"? With this addition, Qur'an 33:6 would read:
    The Prophet is closer
    To the believers than
    Their own selves,
    And he is a father to them
    And his wives are
    Their mothers…

    Why does Yusuf Ali cite this variant? Is it possible that he sees this variant as an improvement? Moreover, why does he refer to different Qur'an readings, however small, in Notes 2666 and 2948?
    After reading this, however, one is still left with the difficulty of resolving the tension between this text's acknowledged existence of Quranic variations vs. this same text's assertion that
    none can have any doubt whatsoever regarding its authenticity and immunity and purity from any and every kind of addition or omission or alteration, for there is nothing so authentic in the whole human history as this fact about the Qur'an that it is the same Qur'an that was presented by the Holy Prophet to the world.


  17. WAwa , i got your point but the doctrine of abrogation opens the door for the satanic verses doctrine also. this is why . If Allah abrogates a verse and does not say where that verse came from we can safely based on some quranic passages conclude that it was satan who proposed it to the prophet. I have the Hadith references for you.

  18. Musa Mulla says:

    I dont know if ur a muslim or not, but take my advice, read the books on how the quran has been preserved. It'll give you direct answers. Also talks about mohammed and his companions etc. There are lots of books with an overwhelming evidence of how its preserved. ( dont say the authors know nothing of quran or something. )
    Internets are reliable but not always helpful.

  19. Musa Mulla says:

    Honestly, i dont know why ur so angry about the quran. Incase if you havent noticed those evidence about the quran is corrupted are COMPLETELY false, made up by orientalists and such. Take my advice, dont read the quran since you have little to no understanding of it, read the books how the quran was preserved. it will answer ur questions. If u cant then there are many sources on the internet how the quran is preserved. Just type it. Also there is something you need to know, just dont get upset if i tell you this. The bible is COMPLETELY corrupted, watch the history channel on youtube, historians agreed to that and so does christian missionaries. If you dont like it, take it up on them or on authors, they know hell alot better.

  20. Musa Mulla says:

    I dont know why people in this thread give such false evidence made up by historical westerns acting as if they buried p. Mohammed rather than arabs. Honestly, do some Reaserch or at watch the videos About islam or quran, i have already given advices to two islam corruptor wannbies.
    You can argue or give false evidence as much as you like, it will change nothing, the facts are on the books, or watch the videos.
    I am not going to argue any further. Open your minds and do some reaserch.

  21. Anonymous says:

    the angel Gabriel, who used to REVISE the Qur'an with prophet Muhammad once a year but the year the prophet died, the REVISION was only made twice

  22. Anonymous says:

    Jesus (peace be upon him)) is a prophet not God and Not the Son of God, and mary (peace be upon her) is not the wife of God : it's a blasphemy, please wake up

  23. Farid Sugema says:

    what:s the matter with you guy … seems mad

  24. Anonymous says:

    The Qur'an has been preserved. This is a historical fact. It has been preserved both orally and in written form.

    If you are a christian than you should know that the New Testament has suffered MAJOR alterations. You need to be honest first.

    For example, the verse 1 John 5:7 was a later addition and is recognised as not being found in an New Testament manuscripts earlier than 15th century

    "This text concerning the heavenly witness is not contained in any Greek manuscript which was written earlier than the fifteenth century. It is not cited by any of the ecclesiastical writers; not by any of early Latin fathers even when the subjects upon which they treated would naturally have lead them to appeal to it's authority. It is therefore evidently spurious."

    Also, according to Bart D Ehrman, there are more differences in the New Testament than there are words in it. No two manuscripts from the couple of thousands of New Testament manuscripts are identical.

    Also, there are many contradictions in the New Testament.

    If it is your intention to spread falsehood intentionally or because you haven't done enough research, than fear your Lord and please refrain.

  25. Anonymous says:

    They do blaspheme who say: "Allah is Christ the son of Mary." But said Christ: "O Children of Israel! worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord." Whoever joins other gods with Allah,- Allah will forbid him the garden, and the Fire will be his abode. There will for the wrong-doers be no one to help.

    (Qur'an 5:72 Yusuf Ali Translation)

  26. Raheel Qureshi says:

    Aliyah Shakoor Assalam o Alaikum Peace & Blessing upon you. Kindly send me Quran's Translation in Hebrew Language.
    Raheel 0092-3213071626

  27. Anonymous says:

    Everyone beware of Wilson Blaise. He, in my opinion, is intentionally trying to mislead people from Islam.

    He is unaware or knows that his own scripture (New Testament) has become corrupted by knaves over the centuries but says nothing about this.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I hope everyone reading this that Wilson Blaise does not mention a critical fact about changes in his own scriptures: the New Testament. Here are SOME examples of the alterations in the New Testament:

    - The story of the woman taken into Adultery is according to Bart D Ehrman NOT found in the earlier New Testament manuscripts

    - The verse 1 Jon 5:7 which is typically used to support the doctrine of the trinity is not found in New Testament manuscripts before the 15th century

    - The word 'begotten' in John 3:16 is a fabrication according to eminent scholars of the New Testament according to Zakir Naik.

  29. blackb311 : i love when muslim blindly repeat whatever they heard from another deceptive muslim. would you use the same criteria for the quran. Zakir naik is known by even muslim scholars as the most terrible polemist in islam. Bart Ehrman is egnosist who does not believe in divine revelation . Bard was asked to write about the quran his answer was" i would do so when i'll stop valuing my life" meaning muslims will kill him if he does so. in another word he meant to say islam is a religion of terror. do you agree with him?

  30. Larry Clone says:

    Terrible article, meant for ignorant Western eyes.

    We see nothing here of traditions in Bukhari and other reliable collections which state that Quran verses were lost as believers were killed in combat. We see nothing of Aisha mentioning that verses were lost after they were eaten when a domesticated goat wandered into the believers' tents. We see nothing about one of the main teachers of Quran as named personally by Muhammad, Abdullah bin Masud, who said,

    “The people have been guilty of deceit in the reading of the Qur’an. I like it better to read according to the recitation of him [i.e. Muhammad] whom I love more than that of Zayd Ibn Thabit” (Ibn Sa’d, Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, Vol. 2, p. 444)."

    Now instead of defending the claims of the preservation of Quranic recitation from ISLAMIC sources themselves which time and again prove otherwise, we get these cutesy cherry-picked, watered-down narratives that make appeals to Western authorities.


  31. Larry Clone says:

    jaime islam So the myth claims. Yet oddly Muhammad died and there was no preserved, perfect version of Quran. It was saved mostly in the memories of Muslims and they were dying off at places such as Yamama and many Surahs were permanently lost. It was only later during the reign of the "Rightly-Guided Caliphs" that Quran actually began to be compiled.

    Odd behavior for a "prophet," no?

  32. Usama Butt says:

    Wooo, somebody do spend his whole time refuting the Quran.

  33. Usama Butt says:

    First of all, this narration is weak because there is a narrator in the chain called Abdul Wahid bin Ziyad, who despite being trustworthy, has problems narrating the hadiths of Al-A'amash who is also in the chain.
    Secondly, and this is the main problem. The phrase “The people have been guilty of deceit in the reading of the Qur?an” is not to be found in the original Arabic text. The Arabic words ??????? ????? (faghullu almasaahif)
    have been falsely translated into “The people have been guilty of deceit in the reading of the Qur?an". So what is the accurate translation? The Arabic word al-masaahif, simply means manuscripts?. Not a big deal.
    The focus is on the word faghullu. The translator found this to imply deceit in the text of the Qur?an itself, which is completely false. The word faghullu (?????) means to hide. So Ibn Mas?ud was telling the people to hide their manuscripts. He did not say that there is deceitin the manuscripts of ‘Uthman. The words from
    the English translation “in the reading of the Qur?an” do not even exist in the text.

  34. Usama Butt says:

    Try something else next time.

  35. Usama Butt says:

    @Larry Clone
    Permanently lost? Do you have any proof for that? Or to substantiate your claims, you would quote another bogus claim from Answering Islam website?

  36. Usama Butt says:

    Extra Surahs? Lay off the pipe man!!
    Ibn Hazm (d. 456 A.H) states: And as for their saying that Abdullah ibn Mas?ud?s manuscript differs from ours, this is invalid, a lie and slander. Ibn Mas?ud?s manuscript has his reading with no doubt, and his reading is the reading of „Aasim, which is famous amongst everyone who
    follows Islam from East to West. We read it as we mentioned, just as we read another (i.e. reading) and what is correct is that they are all revealed from Allah All Mighty?. (Ibn Hazm, Al Fasl Fil Milal wal Ahwaa’ wal Nihal, Volume 2, page 212)
    Again like before we have direct proof from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
    himself who stated that Surahs 113 & 114 are Surahs from the Qur?an. Refer to Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 8, No. 1419 & 1457

  37. Usama Butt says:

    Notwithstanding none of the recorded narrations state that Ubayy(PBUH) believed that were Surahs. Secondly, these two alleged “Surahs” are known to be supplications (Dua). Ubayy was part of the committee appointed by „Uthman and we don?t see him arguing that these two alleged Surahs should have been included into the „Uthmanic text. Surely, if he believed that Al-Hafd and Al-Khaal should have been included into the Qur?an then we would expect to have some record of him disputing this matter with other members in the committee.

  38. Usama Butt says:

    Ubayy was part of the committee appointed by „Uthman and we don?t see him arguing that these two alleged Surahs should have been included into the „Uthmanic text. Surely, if he believed that Al-Hafd and Al-Khaal should have been included into the Qur?an then we would expect to have some record of him disputing this matter with other members in the committee.

  39. Usama Butt says:

    Missionaries like to cite a report that is mentioned in Kitaab Al-Masaahif for Abu Bakr Ibn Abi
    Dawud, which states that many memorizers of the Qur?an were killed during the Battle of Yamama, and no one else knew the verses of the Quran that they had memorized, nor were they
    written down. Missionaries point to this tradition to try to illustrate that chunks of the Qur?an have been lost forever, however this report is of doubtful authenticity.
    The collector of this report – Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Dawood – was so well known for his dishonesty and unreliability in collection of traditions to the extent that his very own father Abi Dawud called him a “liar”. (See AlDhahabi, Tadhkirat al-huffaz, Volume 2, page 302)

    The chain of transmission of this report has an unreliable narrator Yunus ibn Yazeedknown for making major mistakes, and furthermore, the chain also has a gap, which means we do not know who transmitted it during this gap.

    The same story has been narrated in earlier and more reliable sources (see Saheeh
    Bukhari, Book 61, hadith no. 509) where we see that there was no loss of any Qur?anic verses. Rather the companions of the Prophet only feared verses of the Qur?an becoming lost if further deaths occurred after Yamama and NOT that the verses were lost already.
    There are authentic and reliable sources that testify that all Qur?anic passages were written down during the Prophet?s time each time they were revealed (see MusnadAhmad, Volume 1, page 92, no. 401 & Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 3, no. 785), hence there existed no verses of the Qur?an without a written counter-part.
    We already know from many narratives, that people like Zaid ibn Thaabit already had memorized the entire Qur?an, and did not die in the Battle of Yamama.

  40. Usama Butt says:

    Ali (ra), the Prophet?s paternal cousin, son-in-law, major companion and fourth Caliph, assures us that there was a consensus in agreement regarding „Uthman?s actions, Ali (ra) said:
    “By Allah, he did not do what he did regarding the Qur?an, except by agreement from us.” (Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani in Fathul Baari, Volume 8, page 634 said that Ibn Abi Dawud collected this statement
    using an authentic chain of narrators)
    The companions of the Prophet (pbuh) all eventually agreed with „Uthman?s burning of the manuscripts. Ibn Abi Dawud collected in his alMasahif, Volume 1, page 45, from Mus?ab bin Sa?d who said:
    I found overwhelming support for „Uthman?s (compilation) from the people, however it surprised them, but none rebuked him for it?. (Ibn Kathir quoted it in Fada'il al-Qura'an p. 39 and said that
    its isnad is sahih.)
    German Orientalist Theodor Noldeke said: „when we consider all this, we must regard it as a strong testimony in favor of „Uthman's Qur?an that no party – including that of Ali – repudiated the text formed by Zaid, who was one of the most devoted adherents of Uthman and his family…? (Nöldeke, Theodor. "The Quran," Sketches from Eastern History. Trans. J.S. Black. London: Adam and Charles Black, 1892.)

  41. Usama Butt says:

    Try something else next time or stay in the kitchen.

  42. Usama Butt says:

    Uqba b. 'Amir reported:
    The Messenger of Allah said to me: There have been sent down to me verses the like of which had never been seen before. They are the Mu'awwadhatain(Surah 113 and 114).
    Sahih Muslim 814 b Book 6, Hadith 320 Book 4, Hadith 1775

  43. Usama Butt says:

    And shut your pie hole.

  44. define Quran Hadith
    an amazing short clip! check out!

  45. Wilson Blaise you need to find Allah before you die theres no excuse here for your arogance all messages are simple worship Allah and stop being a scholar it wont help you when your in front of Allah standing there alone think about it.we dont deny the other books sent we Just know the Quran is the Book of Allah and Allah has chose to Protect it,can you understand that or no?

  46. why would you say the Quran isnt protected? you really have alot of nerve to do that.I hope you can back it up in front of Allah,go and repent cause you dont know what you just said,its a shame when people try to decieve thereself , but you still have time.go really find Islam and its true meaning and stop spreading bad things it will come back on you alot worse then you think and one day you too will say oh woe is me I should have found a way with the messenger.Think about it cause im not one to play with in religion I speak what is true and correct and I got 20 years up on bring it real and bring it the way you want to understand it with real and in offensive Questions and for everyones sake stay away from why for all your info.go to the Imams and scholars and Islamic teachings and Tafseer for explanation. But best of all exept that Allah sent all Prophets with one Message and start there ok? ty Salam….

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