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Jihad FAQs

Could it be possible that Islam, whose light ended the Dark Ages in Europe, now propounds the advent of an age of terror? Could a faith that has over 1.2 billion followers the world over, and over 7 million in America, actually advocate the killing of innocent people? Could Islam, whose name itself stands for

9/11 – The Day I Became a Muslim

9/11 – The Day I Became a Muslim

By Robert Salaam   9/11 is a day of reflection for me for several reasons. On 9/11 I found out that: 1. I really was a Marine 2. I was willing to die for my country 3. Islam is in fact not only a religion of peace, but the truth Most people have no problem

The Aftermath of 9/11

By RIAD SALOOJEE, The Globe and Mail, 1/16/2002 An enduring aftermath of Sept. 11 is the continued spotlight on Islam. Almost daily, self-declared experts dissect Islam in articles, commentaries, political prognostications, and, too often, the apocalyptic scenario of a clash of civilizations. Some of these attempts at understanding Islam betray a shocking and simplistic method.