The New York Subway

The New York Subway Ad Campaign – What’s the Big Deal? One of the most basic of human rights is that of religious liberty, for religion is perhaps the most comprehensive of all human activities. Leonard Swidler, in "Human Rights and Religious Liberty: From the Past to the Future" Muslims worldwide constitute one [...]

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Strengthening Bonds

Musaddique Thange, 35, hopes to bring more self-discipline and piety in his life through the fast of Ramadan. Breaking the fast with his family, while difficult at times, is one of his priorities. “In my opinion, Ramadan is not only a personal spiritual endeavor but should also be an opportunity [...]

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Personal Perspectives on Ramadan

Saulat Pervez Every year, Muslims experience a unique excitement and jubilation as Ramadan approaches. Homes are cleaned, groceries are stocked, children are prepped – but, above all, many resolutions are made. A time for spiritual nourishment and self-introspection, Ramadan heralds a classic opportunity to draw closer to God, and to [...]

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The Quran is the holy book which Muslims recite and turn to for guidance in all aspects of their life. It is the last testament in a series of divine revelations from God.   Read | Listen

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Thank You

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One to One Email Corrrespondence

Start up an email discussion with 877-WHY-ISLAM Associate 877-WHY-ISLAM has a team of volunteers whose only job is to converse with website guests on a host of topics. Besides answering questions, our associates also enjoy just discussing whatever's on your mind (from theology to sports), so give us a [...]

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