Medina Charter of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Pluralism

By: Sean William White How the Medina Charter Promoted Peace and Pluralism The Medina Charter serves as an example of finding resolution in a dispute where peace and pluralism were achieved not through military successes or ulterior motives but rather through respect, acceptance, and denunciation of war —aspects that [...]

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Understanding Shariah

877-WHY-ISLAM Brochure Shariah: The Holistic Approach to Muslim Life The newest buzzword these days is ‘Shariah.’ As several states scramble to pass legislation to outlaw Shariah, a hyped fear and persistent confusion surrounds this loaded term. Most people who speak passionately against Shariah do not, in reality, understand it [...]

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Muslims in Australia: The Building of a Community

The Success Story of Muslim Communities in Australia The general picture of Muslims in Australia is of a predominantly urban, intricate mosaic of communities and relationships at various stages of development. … Overall, it is a success story, a remarkable achievement. In less than forty years, Muslim communities have [...]

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