Nasir al-Mulk ‘Pink Mosque’ Of Iran Is Like Stepping Into A Kaleidoscope (PHOTOS)

By Yasmine Hafiz From the outside, the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran, seems like a fairly traditional house of worship -- but it's hiding a gorgeously colorful secret. The multitude of stained glass windows turn the inside of the mosque into a riotous wonderland of color that is absolutely [...]

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One Foot in Each of Two Worlds, and a Pen at Home in Both

By Isma'il Kushkush SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates — WHEN Leila Aboulela arrived at the international book fair here recently, the conference room was packed to capacity with dozens of eager listeners. After she finished reading a passage from her award-winning novel, “Lyrics Alley,” the torrent of questions — some in [...]

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Rep. Keith Ellison Wonders Why ‘People Care’ About His Muslim Faith

By NPR Staff Representative Keith Ellison became the first Muslim to be elected to Congress in 2006, and the first person of color elected to represent Minnesota in the national legislature. Along the way he's confronted questions about his faith, patriotism, and even some unpaid parking tickets that nearly derailed [...]

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