Benefits of Fasting

by Fatin Khairallah The blessed month of Ramadan is a time for inner reflection, self-discipline and self-improvement. If put into proper practice, these self-checks lead to purification of the inner-self. The fasting performed in Ramadan is one of the most successful ways to formulate good habits. When conducted for the [...]

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Bay Area Muslims set to fast, observe Ramadan starting Saturday

By Chris De Benedetti NEWARK -- Ramadan is a yearly time of self-sacrifice and generosity, during which Muslims for a month go without food and drink during daylight hours while refocusing attention on God and others. Though steeped in centuries of Islamic tradition, Ramadan's daily rituals present modern challenges for [...]

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The Muslim World

Fourteen hundred years ago, God sent Angel Gabriel to reveal the religion of Islam to Muhammad, peace be upon him (pbuh). God transformed him from an ordinary man to the last of the Prophets. He was given the responsibility of guiding humanity to righteousness and the worship of One God [...]

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Who Is Leading the Muslim Peace Movement? Millions of Muslims, That’s Who.

By Jack Jenkins It’s not altogether unusual to find anti-Islamic rhetoric in conservative circles these days, but a particularly vitriolic breed of Islamophobia was on full display on Monday at the Heritage Foundation, where speakers at a panel mercilessly mocked and berated a Muslim student who asked about religious diversity. The event [...]

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