Benefits of Fasting

By: Fatin Khairallah Ramadan: A Month of Self-Improvement and Spiritual Growth The blessed month of Ramadan is a time for inner reflection, self-discipline and self-improvement. If put into proper practice, these self-checks lead to purification of the inner-self. The fasting performed in Ramadan is one of the most successful ways [...]

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The Muslim World

The Prophet Muhammad: The Man Who Transformed Arabia and the World Fourteen hundred years ago, God sent Angel Gabriel to reveal the religion of Islam to Muhammad, peace be upon him (pbuh). God transformed him from an ordinary man to the last of the Prophets. He was given the responsibility [...]

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Granada: The Last Refuge

By: Salman Yazdani Muslim Rule in Granada With its unique location at the foot of Sierra Nevada and stunning natural surroundings, Granada conquered the hearts of Arab Muslims. They established a prosperous, educated and versatile society in this city. Under Almohad rule by the year 1200 C.E it was [...]

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