Shariah Law: Opportunity or Threat to America? Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Shariah is an integral part of Islam. It is often defined as ‘Islamic law,’ causing one to assume that it consists mostly of criminal rulings and penalties. However, Shariah encompasses much more than the conventional understanding of law. While Shariah provides the legal framework for the foundation and functioning [...]

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Fatima al-Fihri: Founder of World’s Very First University

Sumara Khan The name Fatima Al-Fihri crowns the annals of history with the distinction of having established the world’s very first university. Yes, it was a Muslim woman who pioneered a model of higher learning coupled with the issuance of degrees of various levels. Fatima Al-Fihri migrated with her family [...]

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African Muslim Slaves in the Americas: An Understudied Presence

For three hundred and fifty years, Muslim men, women, and children, victims of the general insecurity that the Atlantic slave trade and the politico-religious conflicts in West Africa fostered, were sold in the New World. They were among the very first Africans to be shipped, and among the very [...]

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