Islam in North America: Introduction

North America has been home to Muslims for a long time Muslims first arrived in North America centuries before Columbus due to trading expeditions with Native Americans. After Columbus, the slave trade transported African Muslim slaves, who retained their spiritual practice and religious identity, to the Americas. Over the next [...]

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Meet the First Woman To Design a Mosque

By Matt Shaw Jackie Robinson did it in baseball. Barack Obama did it in politics. Valentina Tereshkova did it in space. And now, reports CNN, Zeynep Fadillioglu is the first female architect to design a mosque. Her Sakirin Mosque, in one of Istanbul's oldest cemeteries, is a blend of traditional ornamental symbolism and [...]

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Baghdad: Foundation

The Founding of Baghdad Abbasid Caliph al-Mansur founded Baghdad on July 20, 762 C.E., intending it to serve as the capital of Islam and calling it “Madinat-us-Salaam,” or City of Peace. Baghdad was also known as the Round City because it was constructed in a circular shape, consisting of [...]

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Rush to Virtue

By Abu Zayd Muhammad, the final prophet of Islam, stated: “Every Muslim should give charity.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” He replied, “Then he should go find work and help himself and others.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” The Prophet, peace be upon him (pbuh), replied,“Then [...]

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