Happy Family

How to Make Time for Family Despite Busy Schedules Even though each member of the family is usually busy with work, school, sports and other things, it is very important to spend time together. Numerous studies have demonstrated that doing things as simple as eating a meal together helps families [...]

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Mary in the Qurʾān

The Honor of Maryam in the Quran In Arab culture it is common to refer to children by their father’s name. For instance someone named Muhammad who has a father named Abdallah would be called “Muhammad the son of Abdallah.” However, the Qurʾān mentions Jesus as the son of Maryam. [...]

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Have it Your Way!

The Dangers of Materialism and the Path to True Happiness “Just do it!” “Have it your way!” “Obey Your Thirst” “America Runs on Dunkin.” What does it mean to “Just do it?” Should we do things without thinking of consequences? And why do you always have to “Have it your [...]

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Religious Arrogance?

Adam and Satan: How Their Reactions to Mistakes Led to Different Outcomes A sin caused Adam to feel broken and humble which led to his repentance and success. A good deed caused Satan to be arrogant which led to his destruction. When Adam was created, he was created as a [...]

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No Doubt!

The Qur'an's Confident Introduction: A Sign of Its Divine Origin The introduction to any book provides insight into the psychology of the author and nature of the book. The introduction section in most books almost always begin with some kind of acknowledgment of those who helped and an apology for [...]

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How to Pray: A Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer in Islam by Mustafa Umar

Learn the Basics of Prayer in Islam with This Simple and Concise Guide New Muslims are always in need to learn the prayer which can seem very overwhelming. This is a simple and concise guide that teaches the basics of prayer. The book is written for people who don't know [...]

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