Cultivating Understanding

An Interview with Laura El Alam, Author of “Made from the Same Dough” In this article, where we had the pleasure of interviewing author, Laura El Alam, to discuss her children's book titled "Made from the Same Dough." In this interview, we explore the inspiration behind this heartwarming tale [...]

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Morality & Islam

By: Uzma Saeed Societal Changes and Shifting Morality A few months ago, while scrolling YouTube, an 80s movie I'd watched with my son appeared. Clicking for a glimpse, I noticed the actresses' dresses, reminiscing about how society has changed due to technology. Everything, from fashion to eating habits have [...]

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The Miracles of the Qur’an’s Literature: Unveiling Divine Eloquence

The Qur'an: A Literary Masterpiece That Transcends Generations The Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, is widely regarded as a literary masterpiece. Its profound impact on Arabic literature, its eloquence, and the timeless message it conveys have captivated both scholars and believers for centuries. The Qur'an's literary miracles extend beyond [...]

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