This American Muslim Reporter Changes Muslims’ Portrayal in Media

Habeeba Husain In an effort to highlight inspirational American Muslims, WhyIslam spoke with Rowaida Abdelaziz, a reporter at HuffPost based in New York City. You may have seen her numerous articles discussing social justice issues and combatting Islamophobia online. Abdelaziz makes some much needed noise in the newsroom [...]

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‘Teaching While Muslim’ Cofounder Shares Her Story About Becoming an American Muslim Educator

Habeeba Husain In an effort to highlight inspirational American Muslims, WhyIslam spoke with Nagla Bedir, a high school social studies teacher in New Jersey. Bedir is the cofounder of Teaching While Muslim, an initiative that works to “fight against discrimination, implicit bias, and institutional racism, create a platform [...]

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Feeling Like a Problem

Some people often conflate being Muslim with being a terrorist. Unfortunately many uninformed, scared (of what they don’t understand) or hateful people assume all Muslims have secret evil agendas against Westerners, especially against U.S. citizens. Media analyst Steve Randall explains that bigotry is about “dehumanizing members of a group [...]

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Please, Do Ask!

Habeeba Husain   I am not usually the person who will strike up a conversation with a stranger at the grocery store. I try to finish my business quickly and get to the next task at hand. Recently however, I made a late-night run to the local Stop [...]

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I Spent a Week With Syrian Refugees, Here is What I Found. Interview with Radayna Thabata

1)      What inspired you to go to Jordan to work with Syrian refugees? For the longest time, I repeatedly inquired about trips and opportunities I could partake in to provide aide first-hand. I worked with Syrian refugee families in my local community but wanted to help [...]

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