Harmony Iftar meal brings Ramadan to wider community

By Samantha Wright Allen The crowd started trickling into Little Italy’s banquet hall well before sunset and the start of Iftar, when Muslims break fast during Ramadan. On Friday, food became the second course, a sideshow to the main event where non-Muslims were introduced to a nightly tradition. Now in [...]

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Celebrating a Muslim hero, in Iowa

By Jan Gross Director Oliver Stone announced in 2013 the coproduction of a biopic designed to "share with the world a laudable Muslim leader who preached religious tolerance." Now in production in Algeria, under the direction of acclaimed director Charles Burnett, the film will tell the story of a 19th [...]

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Tributes to man who led the restoration of Britain’s first mosque in Liverpool dies

By Neil Docking The man who led the restoration of Britain’s first mosque in Liverpool has died – just two weeks after achieving his dream. Dr Mohammad Akbar Ali, 92, set up the Abdullah Quilliam Society in 1997, with the intention of restoring the Grade II listed building at Brougham [...]

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Ramadan, Day 4: Eating Haves and Have Nots

By Sohaib N. Sultan Recently, a friend offered a social commentary that really stuck with me. He said, “You know there’s something wrong when too many people in the world are dying because of starvation and, at the same time, too many people are dying because of overeating.” It reminded [...]

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As Muslims celebrate Ramadan, Islam grows in Brevard

By J.D. Gallop Nearly 30 years ago, being Muslim in Melbourne meant quietly gathering in the living rooms of apartments for a moment of prayer or having to explain what sounded like a foreign, exotic religion to strangers. There were no masjids — worship centers — for children to learn [...]

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Bay Area Muslims set to fast, observe Ramadan starting Saturday

By Chris De Benedetti NEWARK -- Ramadan is a yearly time of self-sacrifice and generosity, during which Muslims for a month go without food and drink during daylight hours while refocusing attention on God and others. Though steeped in centuries of Islamic tradition, Ramadan's daily rituals present modern challenges for [...]

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Detroit Muslim leaders focus on unity as Ramadan nears

By Niraj Warikoo DETROIT — Amid tensions abroad and closer to home, many Detroit-area Muslims are focusing on unity and peace this Ramadan season. Starting Saturday at sunset, Muslims around the world will celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, which includes fasting, prayers and nightly dinners — known as iftars — with family and [...]

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Can Japan show the West how to live peacefully with Islam?

By Nicolas Gattig Long ago, in another life, I went to a mosque in San Francisco to attend Friday prayer. More than the calling of Islam, it was a Libyan woman who beckoned me, and for the sake of family blessing, I considered a love conversion. Enamored and clueless, I [...]

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