The Muslims Next Door

by Habeeba Husain When people say “Islam is a way of life,” they really mean it. The religion dictates so much more about one’s existence than spirituality, worship, and prayers. It advises how one should act with parents, children, animals, the home, wealth, health, and the [...]

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Want to Live Longer?

The actions and choices we make each day impact our future. Kindness, good character, healthy relationships with family and neighbors increases our life span. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: Verily, whoever has been given the quality of kindness has been given his portion of good in [...]

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1001 Inventions

Multimedia Video: 1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets Oscar-winning actor and screen legend Sir Ben Kingsley has taken the starring role in this short feature film about the scientific heritage of Muslim civilisation.

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In time for Ramadan, Toll-free hotline seeks to educate NJ residents about Islam

Like many Muslims, Asim Khan is tired of the prejudice against his religion. The president of the Islamic Circle of North America New Jersey chapter welcomes curiosity. But he wishes those with questions about Islam would ask him or other Muslims before jumping to conclusions. "Rather than absorb knowledge from [...]

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Thank You

Contact us Your feedback has been submitted. We appreciate your time. Click here to continue.. 877-WHY-ISLAM

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