Money Can’t Buy Happiness

by Habeeba Husain It seems every time I check my email these days, there are rows of new messages from retailers competing for my attention. Full of capital letters, exclamation points, and stars, these companies seem almost desperate for my clicks. Many times, this tactic works. [...]

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Reflection on Time

One of the shortest, yet most powerful chapters in the Qurʾān states By time, verily man is in loss, except those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience (Qurʾān 103:1-3). Indeed, time is a [...]

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Fall into Remembrance

by Habeeba Husain Every day on my way to school, my mom would drive down this long, winding road surrounded by trees. They were trees that most beautifully illustrated the change in season the Northeastern United States experiences. Autumn was my favorite of the four—as the [...]

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