Muhammad – What Manner Of Man Was He?

By Shabir Ally July 28, 2009 Imagine that someone at the office says that God speaks to him. At first we may think that he is not really serious. If he persists, we may wonder if he is truly sane. Or, could he be simply mischievous, trying to get us [...]

Interfaith Action On Hunger: A Shared Obligation

J. Andreas Hipple With more than 1 billion undernourished people – many of them children – across the globe, hunger is a problem that affects all religions and nationalities. The roots of hunger are as diverse as the communities that it affects; conflict, natural disaster, water shortages, disease, climate change, [...]

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Abraham(PBUH)–Father of Prophets

Father of Prophets The birth of a Great Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him (pbuh), was born in a house of idolaters, in the kingdom of Babylon. His father Aazar was a well known idol sculptor that his people worshipped. As a young child, Abraham (pbuh) used to watch [...]

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Biography Of Muhammad (PBUH) By A Non-Muslim

by By Prof. K. S. Ramakrishna Rao, Head of the Dept. of Philosophy, Govt. College for Women. University of Mysore, Mandya-571401 (Karnataka, India). Re-printed from "Islam and Modern age", Hydrabad, March 1978. In the desert of Arabia was Mohammad born, according to Muslim historians, on April 20, 571. The name [...]

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The Opener (First Chapter of The Quran)

Sura Al-Fatiha"The Opening"Sura Al-Fatiha ("The Opening") is the first chapter of the Quran. Its verses are a prayer for God's guidance and stress the Lordship and Mercy of God (Allah in Arabic). This chapter has a special role in daily prayers (Salat), being recited at the start of each unit [...]

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What is Islam?

The word Islam means voluntary “Submission” or “Surrender” to the Will of God. It derives from the root word “salam,” meaning peace. In the Quran, God defines that the only purpose for which He created mankind is to Worship Him. Islam recognizes that humankind has free choice in whether to [...]

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