By: Habeeba Husain

Capturing the Spirit of Ramadan: 10 Inspiring Photos of Muslims Celebrating in the US

As the month of Ramadan comes to a close, we take a look at how everyday Muslims celebrated in the United States. Here are ten photos capturing the spirit of the Islamic holy month of fasting.

1. A special Ramadan display, photo courtesy of Soofia Tahir.
Ramdan Display
2. New Brunswick Islamic Center’s completion of the Quran during the nightly Taraweeh prayers, photo courtesy of Hena Mughal.
Taraweeh at NBIC
3. The generous results of a Toy Drive held in Long Island, New York. Photo courtesy of Project Niyyah.
Toy Drive
4. An outdoor iftaar, the meal of breaking fast. Photo courtesy of Soofia Tahir.
Outdoor Iftar
5. Ramadan crafts created by the Sumaiyah Institute Kids Club in Long Island, New York.
Ramadan crafts

6. Young women enjoy an iftaar picnic on a warm summer evening. Photo courtesy of Shamama Siddiqui.

7. A Ramadan display made by nurses at a hospital in Texas. Photo courtesy of Sana.
Ramadan Display
8. The congregation at the Islamic Society of Central Jersey. Photo courtesy ISCJ.
ISCJ Congregation
9. Teacher Sarwath Hussain’s classroom display for Ramadan.
Ramadan Classroom
10. Counting down the days until Eid. Photo courtesy of Project Niyyah.
Countdown to Eid