Ibn Khaldun: Father of Social Sciences

Ibn Khaldun: Judge, Scholar, and Diplomat Ibn Khaldun, the father of social sciences, was an eminent figure who hailed from northern Africa; he lived from 1332 to 1406 A.D. He was born in present-day Tunisia and traveled extensively across North Africa, not to mention a stint in Granada, Spain. He [...]

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Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta: Celebrated Traveler Ibn Battuta, a celebrated traveler, was born in Tangier, Morocco. He lived from 1304 to 1368/1369 and is renowned for his travelogue, Rihla, which simply means Travels. It recounts his many journeys throughout the Muslim world as well as far-flung regions like Russia, China and Constantinople. [...]

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African Muslim Slaves in the Americas: An Understudied Presence

For three hundred and fifty years, Muslim men, women, and children, victims of the general insecurity that the Atlantic slave trade and the politico-religious conflicts in West Africa fostered, were sold in the New World. They were among the very first Africans to be shipped, and among the very [...]

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Islam in Africa: Introduction

Islam's presence in African history Islam’s presence in African history dates back to the first phase of the Prophet Muhammad’s mission, when in 615 A.D. he instructed a group of Muslims to seek refuge in Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia). While this was a short-lived encounter, Muslims eventually left a lasting influence [...]

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Africa: Historical Cities and Figures

Saulat Pervez Over the centuries, many intellectual hubs formed in Africa under Muslim rule. These included: Cairo in Egypt, Fez in Morrocco, Kairouan in Tunisia, Tlemcen in Algeria, and Timbuktu in Mali. Here, let us look at brief overviews of Cairo, Kairouan, and Timbuktu. Cairo Kairouan Timbuktu   At the [...]

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