9-11: The day I became a Muslim

PhotoRobert Salaam: When I joined the Marine Corps in 1998 it was a different world per se. Most of my peers joined the military as an alternative to staying home or not going to college. Many like me joined the Marine Corps simply to be part of the best miliatary organization on the planet (sorry Army). However, that was it in a nutshell. There were no dreams of war and combat no matter how much warrior training I had. It was good stuff to know, it felt good to know I could if I wanted to, but I was content behind my desk and flying with President Clinton to the Harley David factory in Pennsylvania or to South Beach, Miami. That was the extent of my career until 9/11. [Read more....]


  1. Anonymous says:

    @ Giati, Hello Giati I just wanted to say that yes the shed blood of Jesus is enough for a killer to enter the kingdom of heaven. A rapist can also be saved by the shed blood of Jesus. Nevertheless, you have to understand that his blood doesn't absolve you from consequences and is contingent upon your acceptance, repentance and belief in Christ. Now justice may or may not be rendered on this side of judgment day. However, there will be one and all will be judged and given a verdict. As a believer in the Trinity my Bible teaches me to obey the laws of the land and judge no less ye be judge. Thereby, when you’re a believer you can’t focus on what is fair because there is a day of reckoning and all will have to be answered for and then that ultimate decision will be given. Last, I’m blessed that no matter what I do his blood stills saves me. Keep in mind as a believer I try to conduct my life according to his way so if I fall short somewhere I’m blessed that I can ask for forgiveness and repent and still feel like a child of God still worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven.

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