Comparative Religion

The Present State of Humanity: A Call to Question the Direction of the World The present state of humanity should compel every thinking individual to question the direction in which the world is moving. It is a world of plenitude and scarcity, of obscene extravagance juxtaposed with abject poverty, of [...]

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The Bible and the Quran: A Side-by-Side Comparison Christianity and Islam are closely related due to the chain of prophets they share as well as similarities in beliefs such as monotheism, love for Jesus, peace be upon him (pbuh), and great regard for Mary, the mother of Jesus. At the [...]

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Islam: About the Individual as Well as the Larger Society Islam is as much about one’s spirituality as the social ties which bind humans together. In that sense, Islam is concerned not only about the individual but the larger society as well. For example, “Enjoining what is right and forbidding [...]

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The Islamic Perspective on Character Development: How to Improve Your Character in Islam An individual’s character is one of the most important aspects of Islam. Perfecting one’s character is something every Muslim must strive for. In doing so, one must be conscious of internalizing values such as integrity, honesty, compassion,  justice [...]

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Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance Flourishes Despite Economic Turmoil Islamic finance is flourishing even in a time of economic turmoil in the world. And, more and more people are taking notice. Recently, many articles have been written by mainstream publications highlighting the success of Islamic banking and the need for the world [...]

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Islamic Banks, Stuffed With Cash, Explore Partnerships in West

By: Nathaniel Popper Ensuring Halal Compliance A noted Muslim law scholar, Yusuf DeLorenzo, recently pored through the books of Continental Rail, a business that runs freight trains up and down the East Coast. Along with examining the company’s financial health, Mr. DeLorenzo sought to make sure that the rail [...]

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