By Dr. Jamal Badawi When we talk about God’s creatures, let’s classify them into two main groups, the seen and the un-seen.  Now the creatures that are seen can be classified into two major groups, humans and others.  By others we mean animals, animate and inanimate objects. Angels and Jinn: [...]

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Destiny and Free Will

By Salman Yazdani February 1, 2003 - Shortly before the scheduled end of its 28th mission, space shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas and Louisiana as it reentered Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members.  It was indeed an unexpected, abrupt and horrible end of a momentous journey. Can anyone believe that NASA, by any stretch of [...]

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Moses and Khidr

God conveys a very interesting meeting in the Quran between Moses and Khidr, a man endowed with knowledge of the unseen by God. This passage effectively portrays the limitations of human vision and intellect, as brilliantly shown through Moses' experiences, which we can connect with even today. (Read more: [...]

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