The Female Scholars of Islam

Amrah bint Abdur Rahman was amongst the greatest of the female Successors, the generation that came after that of the Companions of the Prophet. She was a scholar, a jurist, and a specialist in prophetic traditions (hadith). The great Caliph Umar b. ‘Abdul ‘Aziz used to say: “If you [...]

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Latin America

Muslims in Latin America When the Americas were discovered by the Spaniards in the fifteenth century, they brought slaves from the north and west of Africa who introduced Islam in Latin America, staying in countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and some Caribbean islands. In many cases, these Muslim slaves [...]

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Baghdad: A Historical Overview

By Saulat PervezThe rich history of BaghdadWhen we think of Baghdad today, we imagine a war-torn, ravaged city. However, Baghdad has a rich history which the present should not obscure. From the eighth century to the thirteenth century, Baghdad was a metropolis known for intellectual and material prosperity, showcasing numerous [...]

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Malcolm X: Lessons to Learn

By Asif Ahmed On February 21, 1965, the great African-American civil rights leader Malcolm X fell to an assassin’s bullet. The events of that momentous day represent a culmination of a life devoted to the relentless struggle for justice and an unwavering devotion to the pursuit of truth. Born Malcolm Little [...]

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In Her Shoes

By Daliah Merzaban I’ve been thinking about how she encouraged me to be myself. There she was, a single mother of three, managing a family business that her late father had entrusted her with. She worked with such professionalism, poise and proficiency that the community of men surrounding her held [...]

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By Saulat Pervez When then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Indonesia in February, 2009, she remarked, “If you want to know if Islam, democracy, modernity and women’s rights can coexist, go to Indonesia.” Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini expressed similar sentiments during a conference hosted by the Italian Foreign [...]

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