Why Islam?

By Dr Laurence Brown

Let’s talk frankly. Almost never do non-Muslims study Islam until they have first exhausted the religions of their exposure. Only after they have grown dissatisfied with the religions familiar to them, meaning Judaism, Christianity and all the fashionable “-isms”—Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism (and, as my young daughter once added, “tourism”)—do they consider Islam.

Islam is often the last religion non-Muslims explore because of the negative media attention

Perhaps other religions do not answer the big questions of life, such as “Who made us?” and “Why are we here?” Perhaps other religions do not reconcile the injustices of life with a fair and just Creator. Perhaps we find hypocrisy in the clergy, untenable tenets of faith in the canon, or corruption in the scripture. Whatever the reason, we perceive shortcomings in the religions of our exposure, and look elsewhere. And the ultimate “elsewhere” is Islam.

Now, Muslims would not like to hear me say that Islam is the “ultimate elsewhere.” But it is. Despite the fact that Muslims comprise one-fourth to one-fifth of the world’s population, non-Muslim media smears Islam with such horrible slanders that few non-Muslims view the religion in a positive light. Hence, it is normally the last religion seekers investigate. (Read more: Islam Explained)

There is a God.

Another problem is that by the time non-Muslims examine Islam, other religions have typically heightened their skepticism: If every “God-given” scripture we have ever seen is corrupt, how can the Islamic scripture be different? If charlatans have manipulated religions to suit their desires, how can we imagine the same not to have happened with Islam?

The answer can be given in a few lines, but takes books to explain. The short answer is this: There is a God. He is fair and just, and He wants us to achieve the reward of paradise. However, God has placed us in this worldly life as a test, to weed out the worthy from the unworthy. And we will be lost if left to our own devices. Why? Because we don’t know what He wants from us. We can’t navigate the twists and turns of this life without His guidance, and hence, He has given us guidance in the form of revelation.

Sure, previous religions have been corrupted, and that is one of the reasons why we have a chain of revelation. Ask yourself: wouldn’t God send another revelation if the preceding scriptures were impure? If preceding scriptures were corrupted, humans would need another revelation, to keep upon the straight path of His design. (Learn more: The Need for Revelation)

So we should expect preceding scriptures to be corrupted, and we should expect the final revelation to be pure and unadulterated, for we cannot imagine a loving God leaving us astray. What we can imagine is God giving us a scripture, and men corrupting it; God giving us another scripture, and men corrupting it again … and again, and again. Until God sends a final revelation He promises to preserve until the end of time.

Muslims consider this final revelation to be the Holy Quran. You consider it … worth looking into. So let us return to the title of this article: Why Islam? Why should we believe that Islam is the religion of truth, the religion that possesses the pure and final revelation?

“Oh, just trust me.”

Now, how many times have you heard that line? A famous comedian used to joke that people of different cities cuss one another out in different ways. In Chicago, they cuss a person out this way, in Los Angeles they cuss a person out that way, but in New York they just say, “Trust me.”

So don’t trust me—trust our Creator. Read the Quran, read books and study good websites. But whatever you do, get started, take it seriously, and pray for our Creator to guide you.

Your life may not depend on it, but your soul most definitely does.

Click here to learn more about the Quran

Copyright © 2007 Dr. Laurence B. Brown; used by permission.

Dr. Brown is the author of The Eighth Scroll, described by North Carolina State Senator Larry Shaw as, “Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code. The Eighth Scroll is a breath-holding, white-knuckled, can’t-put-down thriller that challenges Western views of humanity, history and religion. Bar none, the best book in its class!” Dr. Brown is also the author of three scholastic books of comparative religion, MisGod’ed, God’ed, and Bearing True Witness (Dar-us-Salam). His books and articles can be found on his websites, www.EighthScroll.com and www.LevelTruth.com, and are available for purchase through www.Amazon.com.


  1. Zarina Din says:

    I had listened to his topic on "Are You Sick of Religion" and why he chose Islam is interesting to learn. When a person changes the religion, you have to go thru a test which is very hard and difficult to adjust to. Especially, women. Well! I am glad that he had been rewarded a peaceful life. May peace be with him. The eight scroll seems to be interesting to look into next.

  2. I have read a lot about converted to Islam : their comments, their opinions, their thoughts, their interviews, their books; but frew have had a big impact on me in order to make me write a comment on them. Sometimes it´s because of their younger age. Sometimes it´s due to their intelectual shortness to make themselves understood. Sometimes it´s simpley because of lack of knowledge in Arabic language and the deepest meanings of Islam.However, when we deal with Dr Laurence Brown, things change completely : we have in front of us a man who has got all what it takes and knows profoundly what the whole thing is about. I have just come across his lecture " The Big Questions " and immediately started to translate it to Spanish language . His lecture deserves being heard because it explains the meaning of life in the most perfect way .

  3. Kevin Poplin says:

    I pray for you sir to come to Jesus. the Light of the world.

  4. Read the Quran. It is easy to understand and you will inshaAllah adopt it.

  5. Jane Grover says:

    Rooha Ghaznavi Qureshi, I have read it, it is an awful book, poorly written, full of contradictions, laughable "science" and often gibberish

  6. Brother, Jesus loves you and all, he is too a beloved Servant of Allah,and sent with the light.. what if we are denying the truth what Jesus Christ(peace be upon him) said to the Humanity,,still we love Jesus then…. its upto u , Suggest u to Seek and Find, and i myself believe that a Heart dat hold the love towards Jesus Christ(p.b.u.h) won't be Misguided when they seek, May our Creator guide you Brother

  7. Esam Ahmed Elbadry says:

    Jane Grover u have to be honest with urself . how can u say that on quran while u never read it?? u say it s poorly written ?? even the titans of arabic language n that time couldnt say that about quran.can u tell us some of contradictions in quran???? can u tell us what s the laughable science n quran???? i will wait untill u reply otherwise i ll know that u never read quran.

  8. Ali Oukemoum says:

    I will give an information for you that muslims love Jesus more than any christian .but we don't worship him because we believe that he is a messenger of God as it is mentionned in the bible.
    And muslims fellow Jesus's commandements more than christians themseves. ( for example nudity, wine and porc are forbidden ).: You don't fellow Jesus why do you worship him as God, son of God or savior???

  9. Jane Grover says:

    Ali Oukemoum, jesus never existed

  10. Jane Grover , only goes to prove you have not read it.

  11. Jane Grover says:

    Rooha Ghaznavi Qureshi, read what? The koran? That's no proof of anything

  12. Mrb Ali says:

    You will find the true Jesus in Islam.

  13. Jane Grover says:

    Mrb Ali, nope, i will find the islamic jesus in islam and the christian jesus in christanity. However it is very unlikely that either ever existed

  14. Jane Grover It only goes to show that you have not read it.

  15. Jane Grover says:

    Rooha Ghaznavi Qureshi, not read what? Some old books of myths and folk tales don't prove anything

  16. Pari Zad says:

    what ever is written above is pure lie because Quran is a book of contradictions all over and an incomplete scripture stolen from the books which existed well before islam. and yes i can prove it from their Authentic scriptures. so please DO NOT MISGUIDE HUMANITY FROM THE PATH OF GOD. and stop serving satan.

  17. Eng Abdikariin Tacshiir says:

    Allah akbar

  18. Ben Sung says:

    I agree with you completely. Those who are confused, please read the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. They mixed up and messed up all the contents of those books and claim this religion has its own prophecies and new idea. The reality of this religion is summed up in the book, "Son of Hamas" by Mosab Hassan Yousef. Please read it and wake up!

  19. Jason Jones says:

    However the parallels of the story of Jesus were stolen from the Egyptian story of Horus almost verbatim.

  20. Jason Jones says:

    A lot of Islam bashers on here. I've noticed that Christianity is the only religion to put down other religions. Muslims revere Jesus and other figures that appear in the Bible.

  21. Jane Grover says:

    Jason Jones islam denigrates both judaism and christianity. Muslims revere the jesus of islam not the jesus of christianity

  22. Jason Jones says:

    It's the same Jesus. They don't believe he was cricified.

  23. Jane Grover says:

    Jason Jones or the personification of god – rather fundamental difference wouldn't you say?

  24. what is your proof that QURAN is a lie read it again cos we muslims think is a miracle from GOD ALMIGHTY to mankind.
    i say this with love

  25. Anonymous says:

    than you Mr Brown for revealing the Truth! Everybody should emrbrace Islam asap and find happiness and peace.
    I would like to emphasise once more that the Quran (which has remained the same, word for word) contains not 1 single scientific error. I have a challenge for every paid cruisader and atheist: TRY to disprove the Quran: JUST find 1 SINGLE ERROR in the Quran JUST1, you can not because it is the verbatim word of God, UNLIKE the Bible which claims that the earth is flat and stationary , which claims that the WHOLE WORLD WAS FLOODED during Noahs time, which claims that the world was created in 6 DAYS and on the 7th GOD RESTED , its hard to get intelectual free thinking converts with these very scientifc errors

  26. Anonymous says:

    I challenge you folks to find just 1 SINGLE SCIENTIFIC ERROR in the QURAN , just 1 . Its hard for you to cope with the fact that the Quran has remained unchanged and the verbatim word of God for the past 1400 years ,and its even harder for you people to draw intelectuals to christianity with biblical facts such as the earth being flat and stationary, world was created in 6 DAYS (when there was no days) , vegetation was created before the sun etc etc.

  27. Anonymous says:

    if you are uneducated, or a sheep just follwing the herd or just a fool believing that the earth is flat and stationary or that the earth was created in 6 DAYS and in many other scientific errors in the 1000 different existing versions of the bible (google it) then go for Christianity, if you are intelectual and educated and truly seeking for the Truth then GO FOR ISLAM and the verbatim word of GOD = QURAN ;-) (references dr keith more, dr laurence brown)

  28. In the past I had questions about certain topics in Islam. After doing some investigation I found my answers and were happy with them. Islam is a beautiful faith that is filled with common sense, compassion, and forgiveness. I invite you to learn more about this faith by ordering a quran from whyislam.org. WhyIslam can also provide other literature e.g. Holy Quran Translations. Here is a link to a really beautiful recitation of a chapter from our holy book. You will LOVE it In Sha Allah. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5aIi3OqOJU

  29. Malek Khan says:

    I am amazed Pari Zad and like are not able to understand the simple fact that since the source of Abrahamic faiths is God, there has to be similarities in the teachings yet there are differences. If there would have been major major differences then that would be a thing for concern.

  30. Malek Khan says:

    and yet several people are guided to the truth via the Quran…:)

  31. Jane Grover says:

    Malek Khan nope, it's what they believe to be the truth – there is no evidence to up the claims of the koran.

  32. Jane Grover says:

    The koran is full of errors – the problem is muslims refuse to acknowledge those errors


  33. Jacinto Jaramillo says:

    No ,No, No, por favor, no traduscas mas basura a mi idioma. Demaciado me es tener que contender con el cristianismo demoniaco que USA ,a invevtado y enviado a mi gente. Y ahora tu quieres echarle peor lenia al fuego con ese demoio. ustedes los de USA, y los que son como ustedes ,andan perdidos en el espacio.

    La , Gente no handa en busca Dios. Buscan el perdon de sus Pecados. Y eso solo Jesucristo lo puede dar ,Lucas, 5: 17 -26.

    aqui en la tierra. No confundas mas a mi Gente , por favor no agas esa maldad que estas aciendo por dinero.

  34. Jacinto Jaramillo says:

    The Bible tells us: There fore to him that knows to do good ,and does it not ,to him it is sin. (James 4: 17).

    For those of you who may not know, Mr. Laurence Brown, is an ordain Inter-Faith minister.
    What is Inter-Faith? For an explanation of your liking, go to: jamiat.org.za/blog/what-exactly-is-the-inter-faith-dialogue
    Because if I tell you, you won't believe me, and if I ask you, you will not answer me.
    As you well know, the US has hundreds of T.V. preachers making millions of Dollars, selling books, and , telling people what they want to hear. That was prophesied long ago. (2 Timothy,4:3-4; & 2Peter 2: 2-3).

    The Muslim version of the above said are : Mr Laurence Brown and your well known public speakers. some knowingly, others, not knowingly.

    Since the mid 1800's many demonic Christian sects have surged from the US, along with many false teachers and perversions of the Bible. From those false Christian doctrines and teachers, is where your religious instructors get their material to tickle your ear, and make merchandise of you.

    All this falsehood is believed to be the work of the Roman church? the Church of England? European & English speaking governments? members of the Masons in government? The Bible tells us :Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits to see if they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1).

    How can you know for sure that they are of God? would they be like me?, or like you ? , or like Jesus?, or is there some one else that they could be like?

  35. Nurhaidi Abdullah says:

    Hello Pari. You said that the Quran's contents were stolen from other books. May I know what is this "authentic scriptures" you were talking about which has the evidence to your claim?

  36. Khandy Alawi says:

    you should search for the real teaching of Jesus (peace be upon him) so you'll not go astray…

  37. Jane Grover says:

    Khandy Alawi, i doubt jesus ever existed

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