A Shared Golden Age

By Saulat Pervez When the Muslims conquered Spain in 711 C.E., Jewish people were relieved from the persecution of their Visigoth Christian rulers and enjoyed a time of full religious liberty. While they had survived centuries of marginalization under Christian rule, the dawn of tolerance in Muslim Spain enabled [...]

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The Five Pillars of Islam

These are the foundation of Muslim life and Muslims are required to observe them with utmost devotion. Just like a building lacks stability without strong pillars, a believer’s relationship with God lacks focus without observance of the five pillars. These pillars form the foundation and starting point for all other [...]

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Why Islam?

By Dr Laurence Brown Let’s talk frankly. Almost never do non-Muslims study Islam until they have first exhausted the religions of their exposure. Only after they have grown dissatisfied with the religions familiar to them, meaning Judaism, Christianity and all the fashionable “-isms”—Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism (and, as my young [...]

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Islamic Shariah

By Saulat Pervez When the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, first began to receive revelations from God in 610 A.D., little did he know that they were the foundational stones for the formation of a future state to be refined piecemeal over the next 23 years. Complete with [...]

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Concept of God in Islam

877-WHY-ISLAM Brochure Request a copy View in PDF Monotheism, belief in one God, is the most important and foundational concept in Islam. Muslims believe in one God who created the universe and has power over everything within it. He is unique and exalted [...]

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A Month of Fasting, Not Feasting

Just as a balance must be maintained between the demands of our daily routines and our Ramadan resolutions, a conscious effort should be made to establish a similar symmetry with reference to our consumption of food and socialization during Ramadan. “For some reason, Ramadan has given rise to a culture [...]

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One to One Email Corrrespondence

Start up an email discussion with 877-WHY-ISLAM Associate 877-WHY-ISLAM has a team of volunteers whose only job is to converse with website guests on a host of topics. Besides answering questions, our associates also enjoy just discussing whatever's on your mind (from theology to sports), so give us a [...]

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877-WHY-ISLAM Toll-free hotline

Toll Free line - Receives calls from USA, Canada,UK, France, & Australia. In US, UK, France & Australia  please call us 24 hrs/7 days: In US please call:  1-877-Whyislam (949-4752) In Australia please call:  1-300-WHYISLAM In France please call:  0800-91-88-92 In UK please call:  0808-189-1044 Pick up [...]

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More US Hispanics drawn to Islam

Marriage, post-9/11 curiosity, and a shared interest in issues such as immigration are key reasons. By Amy Green | September 28, 2006 ORLANDO, FLA. – With her hijab and dark complexion, Catherine Garcia doesn't look like an Orlando native or a Disney tourist. When people ask where she's from, often [...]

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