The Aftermath of 9/11

By: Riad Saloojee, The Globe and Mail, 1/16/2002 Islam: Beyond the Jihadist Stereotype An enduring aftermath of Sept. 11 is the continued spotlight on Islam. Almost daily, self-declared experts dissect Islam in articles, commentaries, political prognostications, and, too often, the apocalyptic scenario of a clash of civilizations. Some of these [...]

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What is Hijab? American Muslim women today are rediscovering the pristine Islam as revealed by Allah, (God), to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh1), more than 1,400 years ago, but without any of the contradictions of ancestral culture. Consequently they are essentially engaging in a life-long exercise of rediscovering their own selves [...]

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Privacy & Terms of Use

877-WHY-ISLAM The WhyIslam project, including this website, are wholly owned by The Islamic Circle of North America, 166-26, 89th Avenue Jamaica, NY 11432 Email: The Islamic Circle of North America ("ICNA") and our units value the privacy of our Web site visitors. ICNA has created this privacy statement [...]

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Answering the Most Common Concerns About Islam In a world of myriad religions and belief systems, misconceptions and concerns about other religions abound. Such misconceptions can be dangerous as they lead to hostility, and are one of the root causes of conflicts. Religious hostility can be greatly diminished, if not [...]

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Belief in Prophets

Understanding the Significance of Prophethood in Islam Prophethood is not unknown to heavenly revealed religions, such as Judaism and Christianity. In Islam, however, it has a special status and significance. According to Islam, God (Allah) created man for a noble purpose: to worship Him and lead a virtuous life [...]

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Spiritual Journeys

Islam: A Religion of Peace and Freedom of Choice "We have indeed sent down signs that make things manifest: and Allah guides whom He wills to a way that is straight." [Quran 24:46] The religion one decides to practice is a very personal decision. Islamic holds the position that human [...]

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Islam and Judaism: The Shared Roots and Practices of Two Abrahamic Faiths Islam and Judaism hark back to a common ancestor, Abraham (Ibrahim), and thus are referred to as Abrahamic religions (along with Christianity). Further, Muslims believe in all the prophets of Judaism, such as Isaac (Ishaq) and Moses (Musa), [...]

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