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[/fusion_text] Allah: the Arabic word for God, the Creator of the universe. It is also used in Arabic versions of the Bible. Allahu Akbar: God is greater or greatest. Arabs: a race of people that share the Arabic language and culture. Not every Arab is a Muslim. In [...]

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To Stop Anti-Muslim Rhetoric, Media Coverage of Muslims Must Improve

By: Rowaida Abdelaziz How Islamophobia Impacts Muslims on a Grassroots and Institutional Level We live in an era where Islamophobia impacts almost every aspect of life. We see this on a grassroots level, where children are being bullied for their faith and employees are being discriminated at work. We see [...]

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Muslim Holidays

By: Farhana N. Shah Celebrating Eid in the Classroom: How Teachers Can Honor Muslim Students' Faith Celebrations are part of all cultures and religions. Many Muslim-majority countries have diverse cultural holidays; however, there are only two major holidays that all Muslims celebrate. Each is celebrated at the end of an [...]

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