The Nature of Jesus

For Christians, the word of God became a human being who also has words. The problem of the uncreatedness of the Quran is also a problem in Christianity; if Jesus is God and he uttered words, are his words the word of God? If so are they crated or uncreated? [...]

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The Nature of this World

Life is full on ups and downs. The nature of this life is that it is temporary. Fleetingness is imbedded in the every aspect of life. Every second and every minute, whatever we love or hate is leaving us. Whether it be an individual, status, position, wealth, health, job, or [...]

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Not Just Prayer

by Habeeba Husain I attended a lecture in the month of Ramadan a few years ago, and the speaker mentioned Muslims are supposed to remember God often. He explained “often” meant the majority of the day. While Muslims pray five times a day already, their remembrance of God does [...]

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My Jihad

by Habeeba Husain When looking up common misconceptions about Islam, “jihad” is most certainly on the list. The Arabic word jihad is often used as a substitute for “holy war” with images of breaking news broadcasts and capitalized red alerts coming into mind. Despite how widely this depiction of [...]

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Spiritual laziness

Getting caught in the day to day rat race often leaves one feeling spiritually distant from God. The busyness of life and attachment to worldly things causes a lack of motivation to do good. Why should one pray, read Qurʾān, or learn more about God? In this article, I provide [...]

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Faith in Times of Uncertainty

by Dr Marwa Assar We as human are very uncomfortable with uncertainty.  God says in the Qur’an “Indeed, mankind was created anxious” (Qur’an, 70:19).  We like the world to be fully explained.  We like events and circumstances to be connected and explicable. We appreciate the “cause and effect” stories because it [...]

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Muslims and Marriage

by Habeeba Husain It was my freshman year of college when I was first asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” A fellow freshman girl who shared two of my four classes raised the question during a conversation consisting of mostly small talk. I proceeded to answer her in the negative [...]

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Nabra Was Chosen

by Habeeba Husain Our hearts are heavy in these last days of Ramadan. The Muslim community lost a young, beautiful soul, 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen from Virginia some days ago. After completing the pre-dawn meal with her friends, she was on her way back to the mosque when a man took [...]

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