Islam in Africa: Introduction

Islam's presence in African history Islam’s presence in African history dates back to the first phase of the Prophet Muhammad’s mission, when in 615 A.D. he instructed a group of Muslims to seek refuge in Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia). While this was a short-lived encounter, Muslims eventually left a lasting influence [...]

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Africa: Historical Cities and Figures

Saulat Pervez Over the centuries, many intellectual hubs formed in Africa under Muslim rule. These included: Cairo in Egypt, Fez in Morrocco, Kairouan in Tunisia, Tlemcen in Algeria, and Timbuktu in Mali. Here, let us look at brief overviews of Cairo, Kairouan, and Timbuktu. Cairo Kairouan Timbuktu   At the [...]

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Baghdad: Decline

Mongols attack Baghdad By the thirteenth century, the caliphate had weakened due to internal rivalries and a decadent lifestyle. In the wake of such fragmentation, the Mongols attacked in 1258 and devastated the city and its inhabitants. The civilized people of Baghdad were horrified at the savage ways of the [...]

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Baghdad: Famous Scholars

Islam: More than just a religion Islam was the major catalyst which enabled Baghdad to reach its glorified stature. In addition to encouraging the gathering of knowledge and the use of reasoning, Islam was more than just a religion. Being a “way of life”, it was not confined to [...]

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Islam in Latin America

Muslims explored South America long before Columbus “discovered” the Americas and Islam was the second monotheistic religion introduced in post-Columbian America after Catholicism. Despite these facts, Islam has had a tragic past in Latin America and only recently have Muslims begun to reclaim their identity and their heritage. Latin [...]

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