Speak Out Against Injustice, Even If It Feels Pointless

American Muslims, like other minority groups, live in a political and social climate that causes immense stress. Many people may think that silence is the best way to get by in moments of political and social uncertainty. They wish that if they just do not say or do anything, things will get better on their own. Reality is that as Muslims and as Americans we must speak against injustice. Fear and cowardliness are not characteristics of a Muslim. We may at times feel helpless and think that there is no point in speaking up. However, we must do our part and leave the results to God.

What is the point of calling a politician or speaking out against a wrongdoer when they are likely to not listen anyway. Some of the Israelites were asked a similar question about warned why they warn those who transgressed on the Sabbath. Their response was one that was full of optimism and hope: To clear ourselves of blame before your Lord, and that they may perhaps fear God (Q. 7: 164). Do not be one who remains silent when you see something wrong, be proactive and work hard to restore justice, equality, and peace.

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